Posted on Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010 at 2:16am CST by b706972b

Product: Thermia Atria Heat Pump

Company: Thermia

Location: Box 950
Arvika, 67129, SE


Category: Other

The first problem with this Thermia unit occurred less than 8 weeks after the initial installation - "the electrical issue". The next issue, the Glycol leak from the "bleeder in the brine circuit" (as you have called it in your letter), did NOT come after "...a year" as you so mentioned, rather this Glycol leak and the associated high pitch whine began in June which is only 7 months after the unit began operation. Evidently, the valve you mentioned was found to be the problem with the leaking Glycol brine and in so tightened by Gustaffsson (who told my fianc at the time it was leaking because I had been "... messing with the unit"). Amazingly the high pitched sound also went away once this valve was tightened and more brine put into the system. However, due to Gustafsson's incompetence the unit continued to leak this poisonous Glycol from the very same valve and in September Mr. Ohlsson came to inspect the unit. It seems Gustafsson was too busy, he went on to say we were ".... on our own." when we called him with the problem the second time. Ohlsson found the problem to be the very same valve and suggested that Gustafsson had only hand tightened it. Once more upon tightening the valve and introducing more Glycol brine the unit began working properly and the high pitched noise coming from our heating elements went away. As much as your company would like to sidestep responsibility for any or all of these problems, it is our position that the company Thermia is responsible for WHO is capable of installing and maintaining their complicated systems. Your company designs and manufactures these products. Your company trains and certifies the installing agents. Your company is liable to me and my family for our problems directly relating to the poor performance of this unit, the expenses derived from such poor performance and especially the shoddy installation and maintenance practices of your company's agent, Christer Gustafsson.

Further, it is my intention to draw your attention to the real problem here. On top of deplorable service support we have had to endure, we have suffered problems directly related to the engineering and design of the Thermia Atria unit to which it has not functioned as warranted. Importantly when we have had a problem with the Thermia it simply takes too long for anyone to address the issue. The first problem, the "electrical issue", took 2 weeks to address (during the coldest and hardest winter in Sweden's recent history). The second issue, the "high pitched whine and Glycol leak", caused by the leaking Glycol-brine valve - (in which the unit would NOT hold the brine essential for its proper performance), began in June of 2010 and was not resolved until Septemeber of 2010. Our most recent problem, the "broken fitting" deep inside the unit, began on October 21st and was not repaired until November 12th. This problem, due to a design flaw within the Thermia unit, kept the Thermia Atria from working properly for 28 days (another month) within one year of installation. That's a total of more than 18 weeks this Thermia Atria did not function properly within a 54 week period - since installation. Close to 5 months within one year!!! During these problematic times the unit was either "off" because it was broken or the unit was functioning in the proven-to-be-expensive "electrical" mode. The product I purchased from your company in a cold country like Sweden which is supposed to create heat for my family. An expensive unit Thermia claimed will lower electricity bills!


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