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Posted on Tuesday, December 21st, 2010 at 11:24pm CST by c913a83c

Product: laptop adapters


Location: 13003 Murphy Rd Suite D2


Category: Computers, Software is the worst company I have ever dealt with. There are numerous customers posting similar complaints against at various websites, and the Better Business Bureau gives an F (worst) rating to

I bought a laptop adapter on-line from The first sign of problem was that they did not send me an adapter for two weeks although their website says that they ship within 24 hours. They did not even notify me of this delay.

The adapter they sent me was not a correct one. The cord that they sent along the adapter did not fit neither the adapter nor the computer. After I reported this problem to, a company rep said that they did not have a correct adapter and they would refund me. By this time I was aware of numerous complaints against, and I tried to secure my refund before I mail back the defect adapter. I called them for a refund, but they told me that they would not process the refund until I send back the adapter. So I mailed back the adapter with delivery confirmation.

I waited for one month, and nothing happened. So I contacted them via email. They sent me back a one-sentence message, saying that they had no record of receiving the adapter. Of course, the delivery confirmation showed that the shipment was made. As I sent them the delivery confirmation, they said that they would refund me. I waited and waited, and nothing happened. When I contacted them two weeks after the previous communication, they sent me back the exactly same message that said that they had no record of receiving the adapter! These replies show either is extremely poorly managed or they are simply dishonest.

After I noted that I had already sent them a delivery confirmation, they now said that they would give me store credit. Who would want their store credit after this experience?! I insisted on a refund, but they still have not returned my money three months after the initial complaint. now does not even take customer service calls. They say that all complaints and inquiries have to be sent via emails or their web form. Each time I contacted them via email or their web form, all I got was a one-sentence response. Clearly, they are trying to hide behind impersonal email communications.

The following websites lists similar complaints against posted by other customers.

If you experience similar problem with, you should report it to the Texas Attorney General:


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4a1eabb5, 2011-01-27, 07:10PM CST

I essentially had the same problem. They refuse to honor their guarantee. I have waited 6 months - now they say it is too long, after I sent their malfunctioning charger back.

63d61fe6, 2011-02-15, 11:10AM CST

I also have had problems with this seller and I wouldn't advise anyone buy from them. Not only is the customer service very subpar, but my refund has now taken longer than it should take to refund anything. The charger was sent back close to a month ago.

Do not buy from them! They should be closed down.

d7cf6ec2, 2012-04-26, 07:52AM CDT

i ordered a dell charger it wouldnt charge but would run the laptop . i asked for my money back was told the two week period for returns had lapsed .well by the time i had purchased a new battery thinking that was the problem it had lapsed ,then she tells me that i have to down load softwear to make it compatible with my laptop,there was no instructions with the charger telling me that and even so thats not what i ordered this company shouldnt be allowed to operate and continue ripping people off they s--k and if the state of texas allows it to continue they s--k

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