USPS: Charles A. Hayes Postal Office - USPS POSTAL THEFT

Posted on Monday, December 20th, 2010 at 11:33pm CST by 628f2868

Product: Mail Delivery

Company: USPS: Charles A. Hayes Postal Office

Location: 7436 S Exchange
Chicago, IL, 60649, US


Category: Other

I have two unresolved issues with the Charles A Hayes Postal Office located at 74th & Exchange in Chicago, IL. I have two packages sent consecutively that I have yet to receive and no one can seem to tell me where they have disappeared to. The first item tracking # is 9102901001300126095515 , and the 2nd item tracking # is 9102901001300134175964 , these items when tracked online state that they have attempted delivery on 12/4 for the first item, with no further info....and the 2nd item states that the item was delivered on 12/18. On the contrary, neither item was delivered or ever attempted delivery, as I have been anxiously waiting each day for the packages and checking consistently. I have contacted USPS via phone, via email contact forms, and in the local office (Charles A Hayes) and no one knows where my items are or even bothering to do anything to resolve this matter. I have very serious concerns that someone in this office is stealing packages. I spoke to a supervisor at the Charles A Hayes local office, whom was extremely rude and boisterous, who even ignored me repeatedly and refused to give her full name. I was told that all I needed to know was that her name was Mrs.Williams before she finally and very hesitantly took my info and told me someone would contact me "if" they found my package. No one has bothered to contact me at all from any of the methods. I am really concerned because I didn't plan on moving anytime soon, and this office handles all of my mail, this is frankly the worst customer service or lacking thereof.

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0f95907b, 2012-02-15, 09:30AM CST

please i didnt receive this package CP857241734US writen 3 of 3package was suppose to receive it with the other 2packages i already received please if you have not sent it please do and if you have sent it i need to know also so i can follow up in my local postal office in my country...

and i could not track the orders from the begining it was given to me from the on set.. please ensure your tracking orders are in the system it goes a long way for us outside united state...

thank you

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