HP - HP Power Strip Fire Hazard Exposed

Posted on Monday, December 20th, 2010 at 4:01am CST by e08a6f01

Product: HP Power Strip

Company: HP

Location: US

URL: http://hp.com/

Category: Other

Talk about a very poor Customer service company HP rates right at the TOP probably as bad as BOA, the other week 1 of my HP Power Strips almost caught fire, I sent the company an email and they said they would look into the matter well its been 3 weeks and nothing has been communicated, the power strip could have burnt down my apartment building and this company shows no concern what so ever, so it just shows me what kind of company HP truly is, they make bad products from their over priced Ink that they sell to their Laptops, so be aware of this companies crappy products ....... It could kill you one day ...


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