Eagle Van Lines - Eagle Van Lines Don't Fly Right

Posted on Monday, December 20th, 2010 at 4:49pm CST by 169fd0c8

Product: AR to CA shipping of 2 heirloom cabinets

Company: Eagle Van Lines

Location: 9807 Honeywell Street
Houston, TX, 77074, US

URL: http://www.eaglevanlinesllc.com/

Category: Other

After much searching, I contracted with Eagle Van Lines at their leisure to pick up and crate two rounded-glass, mirrored corner cabinets and a dresser, and ship them to California. I was charged almost $1100. for the privilege, but the cabinets were not crated and arrived with both the glass and mirrors broken. Unfortunately, no one ever specifically said anything about insurance yet I was told by the pick-up crew that 'we only insure items by the pound unless you have a purchase receipt.' I had refused to sign the insurance section of their numerous contracts while they wrapped the cabinets in bubble wrap, tape, cardboard and, finally, blankets. I told them the family importance, was assured it everything would be okay. I told the company from the beginning, as evidenced from numerous emails, that the safety of the items was of the greatest importance. Now, I have a $355. repair bill, scratched mirrors and no recourse. I don't move furniture across the country. They do. And Eagle Van Lines really let me down.


8934c128, 2011-01-04, 12:04PM CST

Eagle Van Lines LLC would like to respond to the complaint made by Deborah Coltun. She has started to state the truth. She was a customer of ours. When a customer books a job they have to first read, agree, and sign the Order For Service electronically. We do that to legally protect our customers as our company as well. The contract that she signed did specifically explain insurance coverage options and specifically explained that blankets were the only thing included in the price. If the customer has an item that they want to have packaged/boxed/wrapped or crated then the customer must pay for the service/materials. This customer was given every option that is offered as far as insurance and packing material. If the customer declines a service then we cannot force them to take the service. This customer has even stated that they declined to even sign any papers. They are admitting to declining to not wanting extra insurance and not wanting to pay for the proper packing materials. They also had the option to have everything disassembled or packed when we arrive, if the customer is doubtful of if a damage would occur.

Our company strives to do the best possible service and if unfortunate/uncontrollable events happen we make sure our customers have nothing to worry. Our company has an outstanding, professional claims department. They are eager to help a customer in their time of need. Thank you and we appreciate your time. If you have any questions or would like to see any documents then please feel free to call us.


4e781268, 2011-09-17, 01:53AM CDT

I watched this so called moving company move a couch (that two 120lb girls moved with no problem)or at least try to move a couch. In fact the two guys I personally witnessed moving my couch couldn't even get it on a board with wheels. These guys were so big and out of shape they could barely move themselves let alone heavy furniture. This company trashes everyones belongings they put in their warehouse. I saw things just thrown in there, and the place is so nasty I wouldn't even let my pot-belly pig stay there and I can't believe I sent my things with this trash. It's no wonder your things were damaged, I believe they only care about what they can take. I had almost half of my shipment removed and I cancelled my card paying for it and the @$$% had the nerve to call and ask me to authorize them to recharge my card. I told her I would not pay some to steal my things and she laughed but never denied it.

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