Your Advantage - Big Insurance Leads Ripoff

Posted on Monday, December 20th, 2010 at 1:04am CST by f118ecf9

Product: Your Advantage

Company: Your Advantage

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Sherry, a sales rep from Florida, contacted me about their great way of provideing me Insurance leads. I told her that I'd been burned many times before by similar companies.

I should have hung up the phone, but her sweet voice kept me wanting to believe her. Well, I decided to "trust" her, so I placed my order of 10 telemarketed life insurance leads @20 each. I paid up-front as required. A few days past and I didn't receive any leads. She said they were "compiling the data". I re-verified the filtration information to make sure that my leads were to my specifications (IE Income between $20k-$50k and age between 55-75 years old) I was assured theses leads were.

Well, I finally did receive my "leads". They were either from nursing homes &/or Section 8 housing projects. Of course, I called Sherry to inquire how I could've received these leads, as they were not within my perameters and she said she'd look into it.

She told me she called the customers and the reason they didnt buy insurance from me is that they "couldn't afford it". NO KIDDING THEY CAN'T AFFORD IT, THEY did not make between $20k - $50k as required.

Now, my only ammunition is to post my complaint to others so they do not waste their money on scumbags like Sherry Marquez from


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