Walmart - Walmart--Treats everyone like a criminal

Posted on Thursday, December 2nd, 2010 at 11:15am CST by C B.

Company: Walmart

Location: Carolina Forest, SC, 29579, US

Category: Other

Just went to my local Walmart where I shop often. My total purchase was $200. I gave them my credit card, and was told that they need my drivers license also. I don't carry my purse in grocery stores (so I don't have to lug it around, and worry about it in the cart). They actually wanted me to walk out to my car and get my drivers license ! I thought that was incredibly unreasonable, and told them I would not do it, that I did'nt want to make the purchase. (after I spent an hour and a half shopping in there) During the conversation with the supervisor, she reminded me that we were on camera, and that they were protecting "their jobs" WHAT? Where do they think the $200 was coming from? I worked very hard for that money myself. And to tell me I am on camera, like I'm some kind of animal? By the way, I was very calm and nice, I just told them that I did not want to walk out to my car and that I would not be making the purchase. Nice way to treat your local residents that support your store. On another incident, I went there to return something and was chased down by a "front door greeter person" to put a sticker on my return item. The return desk was approx. 10 steps from the front door. Crazy ! Where was I going to go? Sorry Walmart, I'll go to Kroger where the staff knows their customers and work there more than a couple of weeks. You won't get my hard earned money and treat my like a criminal in the process. Thank you.


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5d7f2370, 2010-12-04, 12:50PM CST

How dare they ask for a form of identification when you used a credit card? I can understand your outrage that they were trying to prevent possible identity theft. Lets hope if your credit card is ever lost or stolen and someone tries to use it that the cashier doesnt ask for ID.

C B., 2010-12-15, 11:54AM CST

If I was to lose my credit card, I would have the comman sense to call my bank and cancel it. Don't punish me for other people's irresponsibity.

c458eec9, 2011-01-12, 02:41PM CST

Use your brain, most if not all stores ask for some form of id when a credit card is being used..I have never seen them not ask for id..don't blame them because you're too lazy to take your id into the store with you, fine leave your purse in your car, but not your id common sense, not smart how many cars get broken into...also that annoying sticker is what Walmart uses to identify returns from recent protects them and you...stupid!

ed8456e9, 2011-04-24, 10:07AM CDT

Sounds like you caused the problem here. Any store is completely entitled to ask for picture ID when you use a credit card. By refusing to comply with a store policy, YOU created the problem.

Now I sympathize with REAL customer service problems, but people are so whiney these days. If your credit card had been stolen and someone had attempted to use it at the same store, would you not be glad that someone asked for ID?

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