Maytag - Maytag double wall oven with two logic board failures in 9 years: 2 X $400=$800 to fix.

Posted on Thursday, December 2nd, 2010 at 10:11pm CST by 13c787b0

Product: Double oven Model number MEW6630CAS

Company: Maytag

Location: Director Consumer Care, Maytag 553 Benson Rd. Benton Harbor, MI 49022
Benton Harbor,, MI, 49022, US

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Maytag double wall oven with two logic board failures in 9 years: 2 X $400=$800 to fix.

My family owns a double wall oven, Model number MEW6630CAS. It was an expensive oven in 2001 and we hoped we were acquiring a sturdy and reliable tool for our family kitchen. Unfortunately, we have had to fix the digital display twice since we got this oven, at over $400 for each fix. The first fix was in 2005 and the last fix was last month, in 2010. In addition to the initial cost of the oven, then, we have spent over $800 just to be able to read the basic information of time, temperature, etc. of the oven.

Obviously, when we acquired the oven, we never suspected we would need to spend over $800 dollars just to be able to read the displays. This is a huge hidden cost and, we think, points to a serious problem with the design and the parts used to repair this product.

We contacted Maytag first by email, then by phone. Maytag representatives simply said that the oven is out of warranty and that there's nothing which can be done. We are realistic about the lifespan of products, and we absorbed the cost of the first expensive fix to our Maytag oven without complaint. However, the need to fix the oven a second time motivated us to ask for Maytag to compensate for at least the second fix.

We wrote a letter to Maytag, to the Director of Consumer Care, Maytag. Her office (not her) responded by calling us and all they did was repeat the fact that the oven was out of warranty. I wonder if the makers of the Ford Pinto repeated that their defective cars were out of warranty!

In short: Maytag oven is a terrible product, with multiple failures of digital display, a huge fix cost ($800 and counting) and a company that refuses to follow best practices and stand up for their customers. We are done with Maytag.

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9f9e31a2, 2011-02-14, 04:16PM CST

We too have a mew6630cab (black). We replaced the clock in Feb 08, the erc (control board) in Oct 09, the clock in Sept.10 and now we need a new clock and either the touch control pad and/or the ERC (Electronic Range Control).

The double ovens still look great, but the electrical systems continued failing has proven too much for my budget! Bye Bye Maytag

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