olive garden - bad service, server spilling things on customer didnt care

Posted on Saturday, December 18th, 2010 at 11:29pm CST by 33c1cd3a

Company: olive garden

Location: alafaya/colonial drive
orlando, fl, 32826, US

Category: Other

I had a terrible experience here. The server we had, sara--she spilled sauce and pasta all over my jeans and my seat--she barely apologized and didnt even clean it up. She brought me sanitizer to clean it up didnt bring water and didnt do anything abotu it. It was terrible, plus she almost seemed to be getting pleasure out of it and almost laughing/mocking the situation...it just caused more problems and I was very upset...this is how some servers here treat customers if they spill and stain their clothes? terrible and very rude...shame on the bad service by her...beware of some servers here or this one...they might be good at serving people but if they make an error or a big one, they dont care to make up for it and treat customers like dirt...


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