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Posted on Thursday, December 16th, 2010 at 4:36pm CST by 9f8f0e5a

Product: Finance

Company: General Finance Co.

Location: 304 Church St.
Nashville, TN, 37201, US

Category: Other

I would like to file a complaint on General Credit Company - 304 Church St., Nashville, TN 37201! I have had loans with this company for several years. I understand that I owe them money however I have been diagnosed with lymphoma cancer in early 2010 and have not be able to work so I have not been able to make payments to them. I have disability insurance on my account and have been working with them for insurance payments. Apparently that is not good enough for them since they repeatedly called my cell phone day and night. They keep calling from different phones so that I will not know it is them calling. It is not that I do not want to talk to them but they are not kind with their comments and repeatedly call me asking me for money that I do not have. They are now asking me to go to my family for payments? I am not able to work family and church are helping me with food and shelter. Two days ago they came to my apartment and left a note stating that they needed $190 before Christmas. The things that they are doing have to be listed in the Fair Debt Practice Federal law? The pressure is so intense that I had to go back to my doctor he says just ignore them and gave me some medicine to help with the pain credited by their company. However, it is hard for me because they have my cell phone and keep calling me from different numbers. I have had my cell for several years and can not afford to change phone but now they come to my apartment! I have told them including their manager Bill that I can not work and would pay them if it were possible but they keep on pressuring me for payments that I do not have. I am very weak from chemo treatments and have tried to explain this to them but they do not care and keep pressuring me.

My days are filled with pain and it is very difficult for me to walk or go any place. I do not need the pressure that I am getting from this company. I would truly pay them if it were possible but I do not have the funds and would appreciate it if you would talk to them about this situation to make my last days more comfortable. I have discussed this with their manager Bill but it doesn't seem to get threw to him? I would call their home office to discuss the situation but I could not find them. If they are treating me this way under my conditions I would hate to see what they are doing to other people that are having financial problems. Please help me! Please help me! Please help me!

Gary Benton - 615-394-7981


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