Malaysian airlines website glitch

Posted on Thursday, December 16th, 2010 at 10:39pm CST by b9a629b9

Product: Malaysian airlines

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Location: AU

Category: Other

I booked my ticket online on malaysian airlines website. everything was fine untill i tried to print out my tickets next week after i booked it and shocked that return dates are not what i booked in for. it was the default date when you enter your going date.

So i called malaysian airlines and explained to them that there is something wrong they refused and blamed me for this her wording were " Sir, you select your dates on online booking we dont". being an IT professional i decided to research the website and found that their website had cookie problem which was changing dates back to default date on confirmation. so made a clear video shot of their website showing exactly what happened. so i wrote to their IT support department and they refused as well saying "The history was checked and there are no errors found in booking this is a clean transaction."

So i replied "Have a look yourself. I am sending you video shot of incident happened with me" and then they decided to do further investigation and after few days

"we were unable to see the video clearly because the video was too small. However as advised by our technical team, we are confirmed that there was a glitch or error in our website during your transaction."

But for all this what i got "Thank you for communicating with us and sorry for all inconveniences."


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