Terrible Dealership Practices

Posted on Wednesday, December 15th, 2010 at 11:15am CST by 0fb29a24

Company: Terrible Dealership Practices

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Last night me and my spouse Dwain Benton had the worst car buying

experience of our life as Nissan South of Union City. We started our car

buying experience on Saturday, December 11, 2010. We have been loyal

Toyota customers all our car buying lives. We decided since our former car

salesman James Gamble had moved to Nissan, he convince us to give Nissan a

try and give them an opportunity to earn our business. After going back

and forth for fours days with Mr. Gamble, we finally agreed upon a deal

that was suitable for both parties, so we thought. We arrived to your

dealership on Tuesday evening at 6 p.m. to finalize our purchase. On

Tuesday my had at least ten conversations with Mr. Gamble regarding the

details of the final deal.

We were trading in our 2007 Toyota Camry SE. After completing all the

paperwork and proceeding to finance to meet with Ms. Bonnie Barr, we were

excited about finally owning this vehicle. As my husband stood out in the

frigid cold for over 45 minutes placing our personal belongings in the new

purchase, I being Dwain's wife was going over the lengthy checklist. The

gentlemen assisting me could not locate both keys to the vehicle, but we

were patience. After finally agreeing to come back the next day to get

the additional key we were about to drive off. When James Gamble approach

my husband and said "something has gone terribly wrong with the deal" He

stated "they needed to restructure our deal after going back and forth for

four days" We were extremely angry, disappointed,embarrass,humiliated, as

this entire episode played out in front of the entire staff of Nissan

South. We were left with the most horrible taste in our mouths. After all,

my husband has outstanding credit (850 score) and we did everything right.

We tried to convince the manager on duty, who stated several times "I'm

losing too much money on this deal" who fail to give us his name that we

had a sign contract in our hands and this was a internal issues between

him and our salesman James Gamble, which by the way disappeared during

this awful event. Why let us proceed through the entire process and drop

this bomb!

He insisted basically that we removed our personal items from the new

vehicle and return our personal items back to our personal vehicle and

leave the property. You cannot imagine the emotional rollercoaster tis

experience has taken us through. As we were heading to our vehicle, we

were approach by one of your employee who gave us your contact

information and said( "I have never seen any kind of nonsense like this!)

He stated that this was a personal issue between salesmen. So, tell me why

would the customer have to suffer this type of abuse, this is an internal

employee matter and it should have been handled that way.



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