Metworld DMCC - Fraud , Paymaster cheater

Posted on Monday, December 13th, 2010 at 12:58am CST by 89a96a04

Product: Dealer in Scraps & FMCG

Company: Metworld DMCC

Location: Dubai, AE

Category: Other

Mr. Naveen Gupta,Mrs. Saroj Gupta & Mr. Nitish Gupta have cheated the staff of Mauritius by not paying them the salary and they are absconding from Mauriitus also, they havent paid for the car rent, salary to all the staff and they are working with same modus operandi everywhere .....


89a96a04, 2011-07-07, 04:01AM CDT

Mr. Naveen Gupta is cheater he had asked to join for Portugal , he made me do all the expenses for the visa and flight tkts. also, he had blackmailed me withhelding my passport .....he has not paid to many Indians working for his company .... he just makes all illegal transactions ...BEAWARE !!!!!!!

89a96a04, 2011-07-07, 04:15AM CDT

They have cheated many Indian's working for company's abroad ....they are cheats assisted by the whole of family viz saroj gupta, nitish gupta & ankit gupta ....they have cheated many in west indies , India, Mauritius , Portugal, Senegal ......he is being operating in name of RAYLIN INDENTORS PRIVATE LIMITED with Luxmi Narain partner as director of said company JUMP STARTER MEDIA PRIVATE LIMITED,BOORA HOTELS PRIVATE LIMITED partner of naveen gupta

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