superior gold group - no precious metals in this vault

Posted on Sunday, December 12th, 2010 at 8:08pm CST by 9716a887

Product: gold coins and silver coins-pre-1933

Company: superior gold group

Location: 1suite 95000 wilshire blvd
santa monica, ca, 90401, US


Category: Other

purchased $6000.00of precious metals coins pre-1933.paid cash transaction with debit 1/2 on above date 2nd 2weeks later.never recieved told recieve full refund 5/24/2010.repeatedly called company&ignored.finally aug2010 andrew jackson sent me letter by fed-ex stating "if metals not recieved by dec1,2010full refund to be returned.i agreed to terms in aug because company tried to charge me $2000.00commission charges despite no delivery of product. i continue to be ignored by this company with not even return call with more lies.thru this ordeal i have obtained 5 individuals/employees phone #s,which i have called excessively with no recognition at all.


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