ixwebhosting.com - Ixwebhosting.com false advertising of unlimited space

Posted on Saturday, December 11th, 2010 at 1:02pm CST by 17d17b53

Product: Unlimited web hosting

Company: ixwebhosting.com

Location: Ecommerce, Inc. 1774 Dividend Dr Columbus, OH 43228 US . Also located in New Jersey
Columbus, OH, 43228, US

URL: http://ixwebhosting.com/

Category: Other

Ixwebhosting.com should not falsely advertise unlimited hosting when there is a file limitation. It is very deceiving. Also ixwebhosting will suspend your account without notice if they think you bandwidth is high. But "high" is very subjective. They also will claim abuse of their TOS in order to try to get you to upgrade to more expensive plans, even when it is not necessary. It's wrong of ixwebhosting and is unethical to false advertise their services and features. Please also note that ixwebhosting contact address is difficult to find on their website...but you can find their address on the Better Business Bureau as others have complained about them.


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