Electrolux/Frigidaire - Seepage between door and glass!

Posted on Friday, December 10th, 2010 at 3:01pm CST by e34115db

Product: Frigidaire Gas Range LGGF3043KFF

Company: Electrolux/Frigidaire

Location: 250 Bobby Jones Expway Martinez

URL: http://www.frigidaire.com/

Category: Products, Services

Don't buy this product!! I purchased this oven 6 mos ago & after using the self-cleaning feature on this stove for the 1st time there was brown seepage at the base between the oven door and glass. I called the company to complain and was given the run around! They refuse to take responsibility and wanted to send me instructions on how to remove the door & glass to clean it. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that there is a problem with the seal around the oven glass. ARE THEY KIDDING ME?!!! Had I known this, I would never have purchased their product. I want to warn all consumers who are considering the purchase of Frigidaire products that they don't stand behind their product line! According to the customer service representative's this is SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN? WHAT!!!??? They insult my intelligence if they think that I am going to accept their ridiculous excuses as to why this could have happened! Yet replacing the door is not covered under their warranty when they know that it will happen? The oven door is now ugly and unsightly and I am not physically capable of removing the door, screws, bolts, and glass to clean up this mess!!! in addition to putting it back together again!! Okay, so why not add in their "Use & Care Manual" that after using the self-clean feature there will be seepage of sediments between the door and glass making it necessary to remove & disassemble the door to clean it each time I use the self cleaning feature!!! How many consumers would purchase their product after reading that? NONE!! SHAME ON ELECTROLUX-FRIGIDAIRE FOR KEEPING THIS INFORMATION FROM THE CONSUMER WHO THINKS THEY ARE MAKING A GOOD CHOICE! I am not a mechanic and I should not have to dismantle this door if your product is defective!! In addition there are other complaints about this product listed at this site with the same problem! If they replace my oven door with one that doesn't seep then I will indeed rescind this message, until then it will remain for all consumers to be made aware of this defect in this oven! BTW I replaced my 11 year old-self cleaning oven with this one and this never happened when I used the self cleaning feature! So what they said to me is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!!!


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