Atomic Tattoos (Countryside Mall) - Ripped off by Mike the Freak!

Posted on Friday, December 10th, 2010 at 5:11pm CST by c258d22b

Company: Atomic Tattoos (Countryside Mall)

Location: 27001 US Highway 19 North #1073 (Countryside Mall)
Clearwater, Fl, 33761, US


Category: Other

WARNING! Do not go to Atomic Tattoos at countryside mall!

I came in Atomic Tattoos with my father in October of 2010. I spoke with ??Mike the Freak??. I knew that I wanted to spend ALL of my birthday money on my first tattoo. I was very excited about it. I told him I would like a sketch before getting it done. He said okay. They had me place a deposit to show good faith. He took a picture of my stomach to use to draw a sketch. We made an appointment to come see the sketch a few days later. When we came in, he showed up late and only did part of the head of the snake on a piece of paper. He then said he doesn??t do sketches. I asked ??Then why did you take a picture of my stomach??? So he said he is leaving town to go to a convention and will work on it there. I gave him my email address so he can send it to me when it is completed. I never received the sketch. I sent a few emails asking about it. He just ignored me.

After 3 weeks of being ignored and waiting, I finally said I??m coming in for a refund. He said ??okay??. When I came in with my father, they refused to give my money back! I asked ??So I don??t get a sketch OR my money back? How can you legally keep my money??? They said I can buy something else.

I am posting this to warn everyone not to go here. Their policy is fu**ed up. I have been saving that money for a very long time, and they completely ripped me off! Please do NOT get your tattoo at counrtyside mall. And definetly do NOT get your tattoo from ??Mike the Freak??. I hope this review helps.



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