Langocity - Langocity language course is useless

Posted on Monday, August 9th, 2010 at 1:40pm CDT by e700f641

Product: Croatian Level One

Company: Langocity

Location: Portland, Or, US


Category: Other

Some background - my girlfriend was born and raised in Zagreb, Croatia. I'm trying to learn the language well enough so that when we travel there I'm not entirely dependant upon her. There are very few courses in Croatian available, so I took a chance with Langocity's course.

I purchased the Langocity course early this year (2010). I was immediately disappointed to find that the course is nothing more than a U.S. Government Foreign Services course dated 1965!

When I showed my girlfriend the course she laughed at it. Then, after she looked at it further she told me NOT to use it. Why? Because the course is a Serbo-Croatian course - NOT a dedicated Croatian language course (as advertised by Langocity on their website).

Why is this important? Because in the early 1990's Yugoslavia underwent a civil war (splitting into Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, and Bosnia-Herzegovina) and since the war Serbians are not well regarded in Croatia.

Many of the words in this course are in fact Serbian; therefore using them in Croatia is frowned upon and you may find yourself being ignored, asked to leave, or worse, possibly victimized in some way!



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