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Location: MIDDLE EAST SEN Regional Office for the Middle East Suite 325, Al Attar Shopping Mall, Karama, Dubai, UAE
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I am Mr. Wilber Labi Daniel, 26 years old, single, Filipino and Im a nurse. I was contacted by Sen Immigration last May 31, 2010, informing that their firm will be holding a free seminar for the process of migrating in Canada on June 3, 2010. I went for the said seminar and once convinced then by Mr. Mazz Ali to proceed with the application after evaluation, so I arranged with them to give my payment on June 10, 2010. So as agreed I met Mr. Mazz Ali and handed the amount of 2680AED and asked him if I can give my remaining balance (1000aed) on July 8, 2010 to complete the whole payment for the agency instead of releasing a post dated check. Rest assured that despite of having a balance he will file my application. After 2 days I have received the CIF forwarded by Mr. Mazz Ali and asked me to complete it, after completing the data I have sent it back as stated on the instruction. On the bottom part of CIF last page it was stated there that I will be notified within 72 hours from the time I have forwarded the detailed CIF.I have been waiting for the reply of the firm but I havent got any.

While waiting, I have notified my cousin living in Vancouver about my application, as an applicant I have to check the background of the agency so I have forwarded to my cousin the details of SEN CONSULTANCY Office in TORONTO. As a result she was answered by an answering machine, it happens all the time, so what she did was she left a message and pretended to ask regarding the procedures on how to help a certain relative to migrate in Canada but so far until now she got no any response. She did it for several times in different time variations considering the time differences but got no response at all. Instead she forwarded me a link regarding SEN CONSULTANCY ( from that time on while reading all the complaints about the firm Im having a doubt, thats why I called Mr. Mazz Ali and ventilated my feelings about it but assured to me that it was nothing.

Ive waited for July 8, 2010, I am waiting for Mr. Mazz to notify me about my balance 1000aed, on the start he told me that every transaction he will be notifying me, I am waiting for his call or message but he never did, I dont want to call him for Im already having a second thought of continuing my application. I have been waiting a couple of weeks but got no ring from them, from that day on Im already speculating of a scam, I started calling their office many times, using different numbers, as well as Mr. Mazz number but no one is answering. Even my colleague helped me calling their office in Dubai and no one is answering, she even send an e mail pretending as an applicant but got no any reply from them.

In July 29,2010 my friend rushed to me holding a gazette, then showed to me that Sen Consultancy will be having an orientation with regard to migrating to Canada, I was surprised because all I know is they dont already exist. So what I did I started calling the Dubai Office and surprisingly they answered, I called Mr. Mazz Ali and told him about my sentiments and he told me he forwarded an e mail regarding the change of policy of Canada Immigration, but I got no any messages about it. He just did yesterday (August 2). I mentioned to him about my decision of withdrawing my application and I want my money back, instead he forwarded an e mail about the change of Canada immigration policy with a note that Payments are Non refundable. I tried talking to him about it but he wants me to continue my application.

From that situation, I am already disappointed with the firm, if they really mean business why did they not inform me about the change of the policy earlier? Why I havent got any update on my application and it took 2 months long? Even a message would do but I wasnt notified. I really wanted my money back, where is the logic of not returning back my money, have you done any step to forward my application in CANADA? Where did they use the money then? My money as well as my time was wasted.

To the public before trying to apply to a certain firm please do a background check dont be fooled by someone elses sweet words which may delay your dreams. There are a lot of agencies that practices scam, PLEASE BEWARE OF THEM I am no longer expecting my money to be back, let them use it I know that someday they will suffer from what they are doing. As the GOLDEN RULE goes DO UNTO OTHERS WHAT YOU WANT OTHERS DO UNTO YOU. I just cant believe that they have no conscience at all, how could they ever use money that they never paid even a single sweat for.

I am not destroying the image of SEN CONSULTANCY I am just airing my sentiments, I will not benefit from it, just let the people judge the situation. For any comments or maybe questions please feel free to reach me:

E mail: [email protected]

Mobile : +971508307206


dc847304, 2011-07-25, 05:37AM CDT

finally all the allegations has come true,(Sen Immigration Dubai IS CLOSED and they ran away from UAE ALSO LIKE INDIA AND MANY OTHER COUNTRIES.. i am ALOS a victim of arrange employment and paid 3000 for that, nearly 18th months and nothing happens, i requested the money back by Dubai office, a branch manager name AIMNA so i was told by her that' your money will be refunded when sumit is back to office since he is travelling a broad, i called few time in Dubai office and no answer and today i visited the Dubai office, and this is the notice was on the door,,I went to Bur dubai police station and complained, they are looking in to,,TO ALL UAE VICTIMS KINDLY GO AND COMPLAIN BEFORE ITS TOO LATE.Dubai police is good, if more complains than this will be BIG amount so they can report him to INTER-POLE ANS BRING HIM TO DUBAI TO PAY BACK ALL THE INNOCENT PEOPLES.

Notice Says..

All existing clients who signed the retainer agreement with SEN. IMMIGRATION, kindly contact the Head office in Toronto on the contact information provided below. If you have require any information regarding your application, please make a Note of this details only DO NOT REMOVE.

Sumit Sen.

Former United Nations lawyer

Rhodes Scholar in International Immigration Law at London School of Economics

Member, Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC Professional License M042172)

President and CEO

SEN. IMMIGRATION: The International Immigration Firm

Ellesmere Professional Centre

1920 Ellesmere Road, Suite 209

Toronto, ON M1H 2V6. Canada

(T) +1-416-289-0341, Mobile 001-416-5090101

[email protected]

HOME NUMBER 001-416-438-4955

Mahnaz Sen.

Executive Director

(T) 001-416-289-0341 Mobile 001-416-509-0101

(E) [email protected]

Tanu Trilokia

Manager, Employer Relations Division

001-416-289-0341 Mobile 001-416-509-0101

[email protected] (E), (W)

be8501de, 2011-09-30, 01:34PM CDT

Its true, Their office in Karama Dubai was a fake. I also have paid initial deposit 2 years back for my case, and since then I was following them up for my case, and they kept on lingering my case for almost one and half year. when I complained about them to the above people i.e. Tanu and Sen, Their dubai office called me and finally told me that my case will be presented by April 2011, however on contacting them inApril 2011, I came to know that their office management is changed and new management will contact me once review my file. and in the mean time ask me to complete my IELTS. I completed my IELTS last month and now I come to know that their office is sealed.

Anyways I am saved from a big loss, as thier complete fee was somewhere around $3000 and I paid as initial deposit of $500. And for the people like these In Urdu we say... Do takkay ki handi gai. Kuttay ki niyat pehchani gai.

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