eBay - eBay lack of/poor customer support

Posted on Friday, August 6th, 2010 at 11:09am CDT by 79b0a390

Company: eBay

Location: US

URL: http://ebay.com/

Category: Other

Had a bidder on an auction make a "mistake" and enter a bid greater than $1000 for an item that was in the $250 range close to end. She tried to email me but it was 6 min before the end and I was traveling so missed it. We reached an agreement where she agreed to match the last valid bid of $250. I contacted ebay via chat (after waiting in queue over 1 hr) and was told they would adjust the fees once invoiced. Next day the invoice came out. Next chat session (again over 1 hr wait) was told it hadn't been invoiced. The chat tech lied outright. Long story short over 6 hrs on chat and phone and was disconnected on by a chat tech and hung up on the phone. ebay refused to escalate to a supervisor after many requests to several employees. I will challange the fees when they are pulled from my bank as a bogus charge. Once the couple of seller auctions are finished that I've started I'm done with ebay and paypal.


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