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Posted on Friday, August 6th, 2010 at 12:03pm CDT by 0282c1dd

Product: Reebok Zigtech running shoe

Company: Reebok International

Location: 1895 JW Foster Blvd
Canton, MA, 02021, US


Category: Other

I purchased some shoes at, thinking they were going to be customized running shoes, tailored to my unique specifications. The shoes which I received were different than how I designed them. The base color was to be a black mesh material, with the sole of the shoe as light blue. This came out correct, however the Reebok logo on the back of the shoe as well as the tongue came in light blue as well, which is not how I designed them on Reebok's website "" In addition, the "accent" feature on the shoe which can be customized was suppose to come as a black mesh material, which the website specifically states, in addition to all of the other design materials and colors. I called Reebok to let them know of the mistake with my order, which they completely refused to acknowledge citing absolutely ridiculous excuses for the false display of a "black mesh" available to customize on their website, arguing it 's a color and not a material. There are several colors to choose on their website, that don't state "mesh" only the respective color. Any reasonable person would have to think "mesh" is a material, and not a color. As I stated earlier, the color of the Reebok logo on both the tongue as well as the back of the shoe, were incorrect. I designed those colors to be white, and not light blue. Somehow, the customer service representative and supervisor that I spoke to see the shoe design as it came to me incorrect, but the final design for the shoe that I see is how it looked when I placed my order, with the correct colors/design.

I feel as though I received shoes that were not designed by me. They are very similar to what I designed, but not the way that I wanted them, therefore that takes away from the "customized" aspect of the process at I feel as though I was ripped off, scammed, and greatly deceived by Reebok International because I didn't get the experience their business advertises, and that is a customized shoe. Not partly customized, but fully customized. It's been several years since I had bought a Reebok shoe, and I really liked the way the Reebok Zigtech fit when I tried it on at the store, so I decided to design my own pair. But I really wasn't expecting the level of customer service I received. No one wants to acknowledge they made a mistake with my order. Reebok needs to take responsibility and fix the problem for its customers. This is not how customer relationships are built. I wanted to buy other pairs of Reebok Zigtech shoes that I had customized in "my closet" on Reebok's website, but now I feel as though I have lost confidence in with the Reebok brand after my experience. Someone needs to recognize a problem with the yourreebok website, and the reason why the telephone agents somehow mysteriously see a different design than what the customers sees in his closet at To some everything up, I don't want to pay $132 for a pair of shoes that weren't customized b y me. I feel as though Reebok's regular price of $99.98 is sufficient, because again, this shoe was not my design.

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d8e7a7f7, 2011-03-29, 12:59AM CDT

I have the exact same problem - Reebok just wipes there hands of any mistake. I'm surprised at their terrible customer service - what a shame!!! And what's worse it that someone else must have received my shoe with my name on them and were probably told the same thing.

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