Plano air conditioning and heating - Over priced

Posted on Friday, August 6th, 2010 at 3:15pm CDT by 36b6cd9e

Company: Plano air conditioning and heating

Location: 6913 k avenue
plano, tx, 75074, US

Category: Other

The price of parts were marked up approximately 400% and 1100%. They claim that this includes labor even though they have a service charge of 69 dollars and other items is listed as parts. Told me labor was flat rate but couldn't tell me what the flat rate was. When letting them know that another company told me a price after the fact that was about 60% less, they simply told me that they were so high because big comapany names such as theirs and others had to mark up prices because of their over head. Refused to lower price to keep me as a customer.When told I stopped payment, threatened to have me thrown in jail and place a lean on my home. After consulting an attorney I found that they could actually do that and was advised to pay. When calling them back to let them know that they were correct and I would pay even though I thought I was being ripped off, they laughed about it. The lesson I learned from them is to stay away from big name ac services and use the little guy. They are probably more honest anyway.


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