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Posted on Friday, August 6th, 2010 at 6:24am CDT by 5c37d794

Product: Hotel

Company: Hilton

Location: Sharm El Sheikh
Sharm El Sheikh, EG

URL: http://www1.hilton.com

Category: Other

Let me start by i am Marketing Manager My job is Marketing and Travailing to attend Exhibitions in every where in the world. i always stay in 5 stars hotel and never in my life saw worst than this hotel i don't know from where to start

i am Arabic speaker and what i can tell you that all day the bar man on the pool is making fun of you and saying very bad things to you in arabic and then smile and then you smile back to him what happen with me. i was with my wife getting a couple of cola from the bar and i was on my phone so my wife she ordered for us she don't know arabic and then i heard he is saying to her very bad things and she don't understand and then i heard what he said and then i said to him excuse me what are you saying to her he replayed back to me in arabic and whats your problem and then i had to hang up my phone and said to him she is my wife and he said really i am sorry i didnt know and i said to him and even if you know why do you speak to people like this he say i am kidding with them i said you kid with people in them own language and you dont say to someone you dont know and you should only serve Here Is Your Cola BI##h he end up saying i am sorry i will not do this again dont say to the managers i am poor i am this

what ever i didn't want to Destroy my holiday as it was the only week in the year i get to travel with my wife.

and then come another story i booked the hotel direct by telephone i booked for 5 days and on the 6 day my flight was on 1:00 AM so i booked half day only but for this half day they made me change my room as my room was little special with the view and they put me in another room it was disgusting it was used and they didn't even bother them self to clean it and when i complained they said we are sorry it the only room available and then i said at least clean it and they said we will send some one and this some one never showed up. at 8 PM i got a telephone from the front disk telling me my time is up and i have to leave the room a said leave the room and go where they said you can sit on the pool i said why i paid for a half day they said until 8 pm is half day i said at least give me until 9 they say until 9 you will pay extra i said why didnt you say to me me when i was paying for the half day they said you didnt ask and it ended to a fight between me and a man named Ashraf Ramzy a very rude man and when i aksed him for his manager he said you can say to him what ever you want but you will leave the room now for me the money wasn't a problem my problem is how they are treating you and speaking is if they dont care where they are working i told him you are working in hilton this is a big name you should respect it and his answer was wonderful he say our general manager name is Clive Schreiber you can call him and say to him what you want i got very nervous and i felt that i rented a room in a cheap motel not hilton even though i am a hilton honors member i said to him you know what i am in my room and i will leave it at 9 and if you say any thing more i will call the police it seemed to me that they are the only ones who can help me. and then he replayed ok but you will pay extra a left without speaking more and when i went back to me room i looked to my watch it was 8:50 and then after that a man knoked on my room and he gave me a keycard he said this is until 9 o'clock i said i will not pay extra he said ok no problem. so what was the point of 45 minutes of fighting if it was easy like this. those was my problems

other problems which seems to me small is the pool they clean it one time in the day and the filters are not working all day like normal clean pools in 5 stars hotels so after 4 o'clock you can see the body creams floating along with hair and some papers in the pool i told them about the filters and why they don't open it they said we open it only at night i think they are thinking green they are trying to save power and making us sick

more the man who clean the room every day he come he clean but never he give new towels and never he will stop closing your air conditioner and leave the balcony doors open one night we were trying to rest little in front of the tv at night and we saw that there is a nice big lizard above us my wife she was very scared and the night ended up by chasing the lizard in our room .

food are more than bad we didnt eat in the hotel every day we go out and eat in neama bay nothing taste like it should

more all day people come to you try to sell to you something i feel like i am sleeping in the street not on the pool


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