Posted on Thursday, August 5th, 2010 at 5:41pm CDT by a7e841b1

Product: Bracelet

Company: iRenew

Location: HSBC Bank USA, N.A. P.O. Box 2013 Buffalo, NY 14240
BUFFALO, NY, 14240, US


Category: Stores, Shopping

I ordered iRenew and was very excited about it. However, once I went through the ordering I changed my mind and realized that this was worst than an infomercial. When I tried to place the order over 20 pop-ups appeared trying to up sell me. At this point I exed out and decided not to continue. I was still charged because I had put in my credit card number even though I never confirmed the order. 6 days later I received an email saying my order had been placed. I never placed an order

Do not order iRenew.

Number 1: They have no customer service. The number they give as their customer service line is totally bogus. It promptly comes on with a recorded message saying that all operators are busy but please stay on the line. Then it rings twice and then disconnects the line. I have tried calling this number over 20 times.

Number 2: I then wrote to the email address they claim as the customer service address. This is an auto generated response email account. Even though I wrote a long email with my unique email it sent me a generated response saying be patient my order is coming?

Number 3: I responded to this email threatening to go to the BBB if I did not hear back from them. I havent.

Number 4: The amount that they claimed I would be paying in my Order Confirmation was $35.95. This included shipping and handling. I was charged $39.95. Where did this $4 they decided to give themselves come from?

Number 5: This Company cannot be found in the Better Business Bureau listings.

The sad thing is this product my work but because of their scandalous customer ordering process and customer service I encourage everyone to NOT buy iRenew.

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305fe354, 2011-06-19, 09:48AM CDT

Yea, the same thing happened to me. I ordered the Irenew bracelets. It wasn't worth the money and shipping. I feel it didn't do what the literature and video says it should have done. It's just a piece of rubber. JUNK.

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