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Posted on Thursday, August 5th, 2010 at 3:15am CDT by d08057ef

Product: DHL international express

Company: DHL

Location: DE

Category: Other

I have sent a crate from Beijing to Berlin 3 weeks ago. I called DHL in China to make sure that they would deliver the crate to my office that is the back house second floor (and not only to the front door of the building) since I had a car accident and cannot carry anything. I also called DHL Berlin to ask the same information and both confirmed that I would receive the package directly at my office on the second floor.

They called to say that the package would arrive between 9 am and 12 am on Friday and again I made sure that it was going to be brought up since the only person in the office on that day was a small woman. I was told yes, it will be brought up.

The DHL man came and said he could not bring the crate up since it is too heavy and that she would have to find a solution herself. He left the crate outside in the back house. I called DHL and they said someone was going to come back and bring it up. At 12 the first woman had to leave so I paid someone else to come and wait. Every 2h I would call them to ask when they are coming. I was always told they would come but it might not be right away. I even said that two men should come since it real heavy but I was then told that if the driver managed to bring it to the front door alone that he will manage to bring it up 2 floors alone.

At 18 h the other woman had to go so I had to come in the office and wait. I called DHL to say I have dinner plans if the driver can arrive soon and I was told to wait and someone would come soon.

At 20h I called again and a very rude man said no one will come because the working day for the drivers ended at 18h and I have to find a solution myself.

To make an even longer story short I had to wait outside (at night) until I finally found 2 guys big enough to pay to bring the crate up. (I waited long since it was raining hard and bringing two strangers to my back office when I am alone is not smart). I was done with the hole thing it was 23h.

Since then I have called DHL 14 times and I always get the same answer someone will call you back today or tomorrow. It has now been 2 weeks. I also wrote 4 emails and not one single email reply. I guess they are waiting until I forget about it. Plus it cost money to complain by DHL. I have just calculated my Skype cost calling DHL and I am now at 30 euros. Here is another great way for them to make money.

Today is the first time in my life that I put something up in a forum as a complaint.

I am so tired of being ignored and I will not stop until I get fully reimbursed.


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