123 FIX MY LOAN - 123 Fix My Loan preys on the desparate and less fortunate

Posted on Thursday, August 5th, 2010 at 12:48pm CDT by c463e216

Company: 123 FIX MY LOAN

Location: 1200 Providence Hwy, Ste. 200
SHARON, MA, 02067, US

URL: http://www.123fml.com

Category: Business, Finances

123 Fix My Loan took $1,600 from me and my family and did nothing to help us. I called to say I wanted my mortgage payments reduced, I was told by Brett that 123 Fix My Loan could help and he even stated that the"WORST CASE SCENARIO" is that my loan would be reduced by a mere $100. Funny how they dont seem to have THAT part recorded. I told Brett that I already talked to my mortgage company to see what programs they had available and they would only qualify me for a Loan Modification, meaning they would take the past due ammount owed and put it on the back end of my mortgage then have me pay EXTRA per month to satisfy the debt owed. I declined my mortgage companies offer to seek out an alternative route. This route led me to 123 Fix My loan. After receiving my payment of $1,600, all Brett, Amy, Adam, and Glen at 123 Fix My Loan did was get me a Loan modification from my mortgage company. THE VERY SAME THING I ALREADY DID MYSELF AND AT NO COST TO ME!!! To make things worse, not one of them would return my phone calls to clarify what I was hoping would be a loan reduction. Even after leaving numerous messages to 3 different phone numbers they gave. Got so bad that I finally had to call the main number knowing there would be someone there to answer my call because thats what they do,...they wait for that main line to ring so they can prey on the desparate and less fortunate people who are looking to find a way to help better their lives in tough times. Yet they refuse to give me back a refund stating that they got my debt restructured as they promissed, and that I agreed to their terms and conditions before hand. Now I have to pay an additional $55 per month for my mortgage and I also lost the $1,600 they STOLE from me that I needed to use for my mortgage payment. Please listen up and be aware,...ANYONE CAN GET THEIR OWN LOAN MIDIFICATION THROUGH THEIR MORTGAGE COMPANY WITHOUT HAVING TO PAY A CENT FOR IT,....JUST CALL YOUR MORTGAGE COMPANY AND REQUEST ONE. Good luck to all who deal with or have dealt with 123 Fix My loan, because I feel your pain.


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