Ashley Furniture - Furniture Nightmare

Posted on Wednesday, August 4th, 2010 at 1:31pm CDT by 1d8e476d

Product: Bed

Company: Ashley Furniture

Location: Meridian, ID
Meridian, ID, US

Category: Other

I purchased a headborad along with some other things right before moving...I got to my new house and opened up the headboard that was still in the packaging from Ashley and realized it was broken. I called them an they told me they would do an exchange but I would have to drive all the way to Idaho from Utah to bring the headboard back...I couldn't just take it to the Ashley here in UT and exchange it. The floor manager was extremely rude and had a smart mouth. We ended up spending over $100 dollars in gas to drive the headboard to them and bring the new one home...and didn't get a refund, discount, apology, or anything. I called the store manager after the fact several times and he refuses to return my phone calls. Come to find out the floor manger that was so rude to me got sent home for yelling at one of my friends in the store because she was in there after the disaster with out bed happened and she was telling another customer about it-he didn't like her telling the customer and got angry and started yelling. I will never shop at the Ashley in Meridian, ID again! They were rude, and were not willing to work with me so that I wouldn't have to loose money on a headboard I didn't even damage. Ridiculous!


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