Verizon Fios - sales rep

Posted on Tuesday, August 31st, 2010 at 4:57pm CDT by c4b09538

Company: Verizon Fios

Location: US

Category: Other

I called Verizon Fios today 8/31/10 & I spoke with a customer svc rep (Anne) and told her I wanted to lower my bills and my 2yr conract has been fullfilled with the cost of $153 per month . She offered me a better pkg called New ultimate HD pkg for $135.97 WITH ALL TAXES INCLUDED. She further stated that her mgr would take another $10 off this and that the email conformation I would receive would say $135.97 but after her mgr took off the $10 it would be $125.97 WITH TAXES. This was lower than my present expired contract & had better services so I said yes. She said she would have to put me on a recorded line in case of any mistakes and I would have to confirm the order. She said her little speach with a price of $135.97 and I must of asked her 4 times that this was with taxes and she said YES YES YES !...

I received the email an hour or so later just as she said I would and much to my surprise the bill showed $175.16.

Needless to say I had to call back and asked for a supervisor in which I was connected to Rose. Of course Rose said theres no way I was offered that pkg at the said price I told her of $125.97. So I told her the rep informed me that all calls are recorded to avoid and mishaps so I asked Rose to go listen to my call under order# 0F7320445 and she would here that I was quoted $125.97 WITH TAXES. Rose said well we dont have the capabilty to record all calls, of course you dont because Im blamming Verizon, now if it was my mistake Im sure they would have played the recording back to me to put me on the hook.

Anway this is the 2nd time some Verizon rep bullshitted me just to get a sale. The very 1st time they had Fios service in my area I had a similar issue. After speaking with a version supervisor back then I was told the sales people going dr to dr for sales were contracted and not actual verizon employees and what I was offered by the sales rep isint true.

Verizon tried twice to bait n switch me on some programming that they have to offer. Its seems to me thats its a typical sales tactic of theirs to make a sale and hope the cutomer doesent see the switch and so they can get their % on a sale and another contract.....


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