Deals on Wheels Export CANADA - Do not trust them-Deal on Wheels Export Canada

Posted on Tuesday, August 31st, 2010 at 6:06am CDT by b0273191

Product: wholesale used clothing

Company: Deals on Wheels Export CANADA

Location: #90 Rajha street Toronto Ontario M3H 2A1 CANADA
TORONTO, ON, +1-416, CA

Category: Other

Deals on Wheels Export Canada is a Company based in Toronto Canada and deals in wholesale used clothing export.Do not trust them in any business, they cheat customers.Recently I placed an order with them for a 40ft container of used clothing.They cheated me that the product was being exported from Canada but in actual fact they subcontracted the supply to an American Company based in Houston Texas (USA) without telling me. They also did not supply what I ordered, instead they supplied according to their own wish. They did not send me the original shipping documents for no apparent reason,even when I had paid them fully for the supply. As a result of this I have failed to clear the container from the local port attracting stororage charges of over USD 40 per day.The container has been at the port for over 75 days now. Their export Manger Mr. Anand Sitaram has decided to be incomunicado by phone and email.I am now trying to consult the shippers for help.My worry is that the container will soon be auctioned by the port authority and shall suffer a loss of more than USD 40,000

I am warning whoever is intending to conduct any business with these peiple to be careful.

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05f06fe7, 2011-07-08, 02:03AM CDT

what happened is that the company is not to be trusted because they cheat, they do not honour their deals.When I discovered that and complained to them, they never bothered to refund me for demages done to my business. I did not take any legal action for fear that it was going to cost me a lot to file a case and it would add to loses already suffered.

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