Six Flags St. Louis - Six Flags Fraudulent Pricing

Posted on Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010 at 2:10am CDT by 7098060f

Company: Six Flags St. Louis

Location: Eureka, MO, US

Category: Other

We were at Six Flags St. Louis on 7/26. During the course of the day, we went to purchase an Icee from one of the park's kiosks. The sign at the kiosk very clearly stated that the size we were interested in purchasing was $5.99 for a refillable souvenir cup. We went up to the kiosk and asked for the Icee. The man behind the kiosk held up the cup and said "this size?" We said yes, and he said "I know the sign says these are $5.99, but they are really $6.99." Naturally, this was off-putting. We told the man behind the counter we would only pay the posted price, as we would expect to at any establishment. He refused to sell the Icee to us for the posted price. When we asked to see a supervisor, he just looked kind of confused. At that point, though a supervisor happened upon the scene, and we re-stated our issue - the sign very clearly stated the Icee was $5.99, and that was what we would pay. The supervisor also refused, telling us "all of my employees know to charge $6.99." When we pressed the issue that, if they are all aware of this price, why does the sign state a completely different price, she responded that "we don't have the authority to change the sign." But they have the authority to change the price? How does that even make sense. At this point, we pointed out that advertising an item for one price and refusing to sell it for that price was a form of consumer fraud. She shrugged it off, without responding, and she steadfastly refused to sell the item for the advertised price. We walked away without buying the item, although I did take a picture of the sign that clearly states the price.

It's irritating to spend as much money as it costs to get in the park, parking, meals, etc, and not even be able to rely on the already high price posted for an item you are trying to buy your child. If I go into say, a Target store, and I pick up an item marked $5.99 on the shelf, only to have that item ring up for $1 more, they fix it. And without arguing. Not only is it just common sense good customer service, but they understand that you cannot post signs or tags saying an item is one price and then refuse to honor the posted price.

I did email Six Flags from my phone while still in the park, and the response I received was that they would review pricing with their employees.

I would urge anyone visiting their parks to not agree to pay more than the advertised price for any item. If no one lets them get away with it, they will have to be more honest and upfront in their business practices.


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