Magic Jack - Magic Jack - total garbage and a fraud

Posted on Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010 at 7:08pm CDT by c59f94a4

Product: Magic Jack

Company: Magic Jack

Location: US

URL: /

Category: Other

I have the magic jack.. have spent at least 30 hours on "support" (what a joke). A couple of months ago I converted vista to windows 7. Now I cant even call the area code I am located in, and the people I can call cant hear me... the service is totally worthless... I would be better off with two soup cans and a piece of string.

After over a month of trying to resolve it they basically blow me off... I have been told by their reps that they will never give a refund... and dont consider them not providing service to violate them charging you for it.

WARNING, MAGIC JACK SHOULD BE CALLED MAGIC CRAP. It is worthless, their customer service is beyond awful and there are alternatives that do work. Dont get suckered into this waste of time and money. It is garbage, and the only thing worse than the reception is their awful customer service!

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d99c1251, 2012-01-09, 10:47PM CST

Do not buy this product.., company is a scam...I'm still trying to get my money back and nobody answers or helps...please do not buy it.., this people are completely fraud...

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