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Posted on Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010 at 7:13pm CDT by 6697681f

Product: Monogrammed cookie wedding favors; cookie cake

Company: Cookies By Design

Location: 1865 Summit Ave. Suite 605
Plano, TX, 75074, US


Category: Other

I just had a HORRIBLE experience with Cookies By Design and I will NEVER use them again!

I am so displeased with their poor quality products and their utter lack of customer service that I actually filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Here's what happened:

On 6/19/10, I placed an order for 8 monogrammed wedding favor cookies. The cookies arrived on 6/24, and they looked NOTHING like the photo on the website. The frosting was different, and so was the font. On top of that, the writing looked completely unprofessional and sloppy, whereas on the website the writing was beautiful and perfect. When I called that day (6/24) to express my concerns, Stephanie told me that I would be issued both a full refund of $68.28 to my credit card AND receive $68.28 in store credit for future orders. However, as of 7/13, I still had not received the refund.

I called on 7/13 and was transferred to ext. 402. No one picked up, and I left a detailed voicemail message stating the reason for my call (to get my refund), left my phone number, and specifically requested a call back. No one called back, so I sent them an email on 7/14, again explaining everything in detail (including the fact that I had left a message the day before and no one had responded). I did not get a response to my email, either.

On 7/15 I called again and this time spoke to Angela. She verified that I was due a refund, and she processed that, and she also confirmed that I had $68.28 in store credit. I decided to use the store credit to purchase a cookie cake for an upcoming party. I placed the order, and when the cake arrived on 7/23, it was in worse condition than the original cookies I'd had a problem with. The frosting covering the entire bottom half of the cake was completely melted and smashed. It was supposed to look like a beach scene with hibiscus flowers, and it was basically a big blob. Also, some of the writing was smashed and cracked. It was a complete embarrassment. So, I called and asked to speak with a supervisor.

I was transferred to ext. 404, where once again no one picked up. I again left a detailed message including my phone number, and specifically requested a return phone call. Immediately after this, I also sent an email explaining my concerns AND including photos I had taken of the cake to show what a mess it was. I did not get a response to either my phone message or my email.

On 7/26, I called back again. I specifically asked for a supervisor and was instead transferred to a regular service rep (Angela). Angela then transferred me to Stephanie, who got snippy and told me there was nothing else they could do for me. She said that they don't normally issue both a refund AND a merchandise credit; she had only done it because she felt so bad that the mistake had messed up plans for my bridal party the day before my wedding.

I pointed out that their apology card states "If you are not 100% satisfied, we will do whatever it takes to make it right," and made it clear I was not satisfied. Yes, they sent a replacement, but it was a disaster and I was unable to use it. I explained that I expected a full-quality replacement, that I would feel good about bringing to a party -- not one that was melted and smashed and sloppy.

Beyond that, the cake was dried out and stale and completely fell apart when we tried to cut into it!

I asked to speak to a supervisor and Stephanie said her supervisor was at lunch, but promised that the manager would call me either that day or the next day. It is now 8/3 and they have not responded, even though I was assured that the manager would return my call.


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