KFC - KFC Franklinton / Columbus OH

Posted on Saturday, August 28th, 2010 at 3:43pm CDT by 1ca04de5

Product: Fast food

Company: KFC

Location: 1556 W Broad St
Columbus, OH, US

Category: Other

Quite possibly the worst fast food experience I've ever had. I ordered the "buy 8 pieces get 8 free deal". Except you have to order the $18.49 8-piece MEAL to get the free. So right off, their advertising is deceptive. But. hey, I should get 3-4 meals out of all this, right? Except:

1) This store doesn't carry the spicy chicken

2) Rice no longer available as a side (chain wide?)

3) No napkins given

4) No plasticware given

5) Out of hot sauce

6) Grilled chicken was old

7) Original recipe chicken was really old

8) One of two sides was wrong: Mashed potatoes and gravy (yuck!) instead of green beans. BOTH sides were entered wrong on my receipt so I guess I'm lucky to have rec'd mac & cheese instead of (barf!) cole slaw.

9) Two of my four biscuits were HALF biscuits. I'm supposed to eat something that looks like someone else already ate part?

10) Looking through leftover chicken I find a chicken? part that is in no way recognizable. I didn't dump the whole load out and count the parts so I don't know what someone THOUGHT it was but it's no part of any chicken I ever saw.


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