Geico and Wachovia - Insurance Companies trying to keep your rates high

Posted on Saturday, August 28th, 2010 at 10:09am CDT by 5af6bcbc

Product: car insurance

Company: Geico and Wachovia

Location: One GEICO Plaza Bethesda, MD 20811-0001
Washington, DC, 20059, US

URL: and

Category: Other

My daughter, who is 18, recently went off to college in DC (we live in NC) so I called Geico to remove her from my policy since she was costing me a fortune! First they said they couldn't remove her unless she showed she had coverage elsewhere. I explained to them that she doesn't even have a car since DC has a wide metro system. Then they came back and said they need proof she's in school. I faxed them her acceptance letter and her school i.d. - that wasn't enough! Then they said they needed a utility bill, lease or bank statement with her new address. Should be simple right? Well, my daughter lives in a dormitory. She has no utility bill or lease. When we tried getting a change of address from Wachovia, they said they don't accept P.O. boxes as mailing addresses!! So EXACTLY WHAT DOES GEICO WANT ME TO DO???? Keep an 18-year old, who lives 400miles away from me and doesn't drive, on my policy that's costing me $3,0000/6-months?!!!

Both Geico and Wachovia policies are outrageous if you have a student living in a dorm. How am I supposed to fix this problem!


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