Kroger - Brewery District Kroger Columbus OH

Posted on Saturday, August 28th, 2010 at 4:21pm CDT by 1ca04de5

Product: Grocer

Company: Kroger

Location: 150 W Sycamore St
Columbus, OH, US

Category: Other

On appx Aug 18 I purchased a 35-piece boneless Buffalo wing entree. I counted it when I got home and found it to contain only 27 pieces.

On Aug 20 I returned a bottle of horseradish that I hadn't noticed to be already opened when I purchased it. I mentioned to the manager(?) that my chicken wing count was so far off. I did NOT have my receipt for the chicken - probably forgot it at the self checkout.

The manager(?) scanned my shopper's card and offered me 60 cents for the missing chicken stating they had been marked down to 10 cents per wing. I protested that I had paid $8.99 for the wings and that she could see that on the computer screen in front of her. (Yeah, I know, her math was off.)

She replied in a very smartalek fashion that she was trying to help me out and that without my receipt....

As if she didn't have a record of my purchase in front of her. As if I was truthful about the count but not about the price I paid. As if any company can afford to alienate a customer.

So I bought the things I absolutely needed right away and left. I don't plan to go back - not to any Kroger - unless I receive an apology and more reasonable compensation.

This chain drove my wife to Giant Eagle quite some time back. I used to favor Kroger because their stores are more conveniently located to our home and most of my shopping is quick trips for small purchases. But it's not much trouble to drive past a Kroger to find a store that seems to value their customers.


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