Goodyear Tire Company - Goodyear Tire Problems

Posted on Friday, August 27th, 2010 at 9:06am CDT by f6049437

Product: Auto tires

Company: Goodyear Tire Company

Location: US

Category: Other

My 07 Chevy Impala came with Goodyear Eagle tires. These tires would not hold air pressure for more than a couple weeks. After much complaining to Goodyear they were pro-rated adjusted with identical Goodyear tires. Then after about two months these tires started to shimmy/vibrate at highway speeds. Multiple re-balancing could not correct the problem. Rotating the tires from rear to front seemed to improve the roughness/thumping temporarily then the problem returned. Later there appeared an unusual wear pattern on the front tires, one spot on both front tires started to wear excessively. Goodyear said there was nothing wrong with the tires and would not pro-rate adjust the tires as defective but contended it was an alignment problem with the car. How front end alignment could wear just one spot on a tire could not be explained. At this point I gave up on Goodyear and purchased a complete set of General tires and magically the roughness, vibrating, thumping problem I was experiencing went completely away. Obviously, the Goodyear Eagle tires were defective and without doubt they suffered from tread separation causing the vibration and excessive wear at one spot on the tires. It seem that Goodyear, the last remaining American tire manufacturer has degraded to a second class manufacturer and has little expertise in diagnosing tire related problems. It is a shame that the once high quality Goodyear tire manufacturer has become a poor quality tire manufacturer and is void of any technical expertise or customer service. I would not under any circumstances purchase a new car with Goodyear tires and I would not purchase replacement tires made by Goodyear even if they were virtually free. At this point they are the poorest quality tires made ranking down there with Uniroyal and the buying public should become aware of this fact.


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