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Posted on Wednesday, August 25th, 2010 at 8:46pm CDT by Michael B.

Product: Hemlock Lodge

Company: MountainTop Realty

Location: West Virginia 32


Category: Real Estate

We rented and paid for All Spruced up in January/February 2010 for our annual vacation.? Unfortunately for us, the house was then purchased and the owners decided they were not going to allow rental there fore we were referred to other location, that being Hemlock Lodge.? We were told by Becky that it would accommodate all of the the 8 adults and 4 children.?

When we arrived at this location, although it was spacious and many beds, it was difficult to accommodate the single persons on our trip.? The Lodge itself has pros and cons.? The kitchen has to be the most well equipped kitchen we have ever had here in Canaan Valley and was the highlight of this house.??? When we arrived, the dirt was ridiculous.? In order for us to sit on chairs in the living area, we had to vacuum the chairs and the corners and the doorways so we did not feel so uncomfortable.? We called and spoke to Becky about the cleanliness of the house and were told that the owners were just here visiting and the cleaning staff was just there.? Apparently, they do the bare minimum and we also had to wash some of the sheets on the bed before sleeping on them.? We changed numerous light bulbs in addition to the other "jobs".?

There was no cell phone service back here in the woods and when we got here, we were informed that the local phone line was disconnected at the request of the owners.? Not a good thing especially in an emergency.? ? I think the owner should consider the minimum phone service in such a case of emergency.?

After the first day, we needed to do the laundry as you would normally do when you have a house with 10 people. The dryer worked one load and then failed to heat up any longer. ? We called and talked to Matt and his response was "There is a laundromat in Davis"??? He did send a repairman here to the house and they came in and said it was not working.?? No kidding.? The second day, two men came to the house the next day and would heat one time and then the remainder of the day, the dryer did not heat.?? We even went so far as to hang a makeshift clothesline.? He also mentioned that there is a dryer there in the Mountain Top Realty we could use.?? Think about what it felt like to be on vacation and have to cart our clothes to another house in the valley that someone graciously allowed us to go to and use the dryer!?? We paid a good amount of money to rent here in the mountains for our yearly vacation and would like to be considered for a partial refund due to the inconvenience or a credit for next years visit in July.?

This is a copy of the email sent to the buisness.

We also posted a bad review on their website, but the quickly removed it.


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