Posted on Wednesday, August 25th, 2010 at 8:50pm CDT by 605eaae0

Company: Burger King

Location: 4285 Bells Ferry Rd NW
Kennesaw, ga, 30144, US

Category: Other

To: [email protected] My name is Amy Frazier, I'm 25 and I live in Ellijay,Ga. I'm not sure if you can help me resolve an issue or not. Long story short.. A few weeks ago my daughter, my friend and I visited a Cobb Co. Burger King, the one located on Bells Ferry off of 575. We were on our way to Savannah, Ga. I accidently left my cell phone on the table where we ate our food. My mom and my self both contacted that BK and got their word that they would 'save' my phone for me. My mom advised them that it would be a few days before I could come retrieve the phone, that was okay with them. (still not friendly but we believed them) Then I tried to contact them and another manager doesn't know of a phone, I share the story with him, he blames it on a manager thats on maternity leave..says hes going to contact her and see what she could have done with it. A days passes I call back another woman manager, is still extremely unfriendly and unhelpful..basically informs me that I'm going to have to get another phone, she asks me what I would like her do? I told her please check your roster someone that day had to of taken my phone or saw what happend to it, please at least contact that manager that was on leave. She didn't, she laid the phone down and continued to laugh about it and talk trash in the background. I gave her my name and number she promised to get in touch. I waited. The next day I called again, the guy manager answered he said he couldnt help me, he didn't know what to tell me, I asked for the district managers number, he gave me a chat lines number!---My friend that was with me happend to be down that way, she stopped in and asked for my phone the lady manager was terribly mean to her, my friend Nicole told her I guess we have to bring the law into it. Well after that and the chat line, I contacted Cobb Co. Police Dept. a local officer took my complaint, I gave him the serial number, and all the info on what had taken place. He turned it over to an 'Investigator'. Well almost a week later, which ended up being today..he calls me. He says he went in and spoke to the guy manager, he told the investigator that it laid behind the counter for days and someone took it., and there isn't cameras behind the counter. Well this particular manager never told me no such thing. The investigator says he doesnt know what to tell me that someone has it but since they have so many employees (which I doubt) he doesn't know what to do. Call it at a loss because It wasn't worth much. Ive tried to contact district managers, Ive called from the beginning and no one will contact me back. I have receipts for my phone which was only $89.99 and for my $30.00 time card that was on it. I know thats a cheap phone, but it's all I could afford, point being it was mine. It seems that someone from Burger King should have to pay, they should have to investigate, they're all ignoring me and blowing me off. I thought part of being a manager was dealing with customer relations..customer comes 1st. I know this isn't extremely important, but I need help getting some answers. If you can't help I understand. If you could it would be great. I tried not to leave anything out, but I'm upset so it may be hard to read, I'm sorry. Thank you for your time.


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