International Wig Company - Customer Service Ignored My Queries Regarding My Order, Insulted Me

Posted on Tuesday, August 24th, 2010 at 10:38pm CDT by 709e1ef2

Product: Costume Wig

Company: International Wig Company

Location: 2305 Ashland St #C-260
Ashland, OR, 97520, US


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Earlier this month, I ordered a wig from International Wig for an upcoming costume party. Based on their extremely drawn out description of their shipping policy (designed, I believe, to confuse customers into opting for more expensive, upgraded shipping), I understood that the order may take UP TO 14 business days to arrive, but I had the time to wait. However, as the 14 business day mark neared, I had not received any shipping information about my order. The costume party was fast approaching! I contacted their customer service line to obtain my tracking number, but was informed that there was no "customer service line," the phone line was for placing orders only, and they didn't have access to my order information (as if I believed that). In any event, I was told to forward any questions via email only to [email protected] I have copied and pasted all following correspondence with a sales rep named "Summer." (There is a time disparity because I am on the East Coast, and they are apparently located on the West Coast.)

On Mon, Aug 23, 2010 at 11:57 AM, <L> wrote:

To whom it may concern,

I was hoping to get a tracking number on my order- the info from my original order confirmation is pasted below. I placed the order on 8/4, and I'm just surprised it hasn't arrived yet.



On Mon, Aug 23, 2010 at 3:05 PM, <[email protected]> wrote:


as you paid, ground, and as explained on our site, its three week time frame- tracking was sent direct from and you can log in your online to see date of shipment.

Thank You!



Customer Service,

On Mon, Aug 23, 2010 at 12:17 PM, <L> wrote:

Thank you,

but actually what I need is the tracking number. I can see that the status of my order is "shipped" on the website, but the date of shipment is not listed, and furthermore, I don't see anywhere on to track a package. Please forward me my tracking number. (Also, if my order does not arrive by this Wednesday, August 25, it will be outside the "three week time frame").

Thank you,


On Mon, Aug 23, 2010 at 4:30 PM, <[email protected]> wrote:


the email was sent from we never told you to go to that site.

three weeks is an average time frame and its clearly showing your parcel left 8/20, do log in to the site

Thank You!



Customer Service,

Well, I'm not on my computer ALL day. I shut down my email and headed home, only to find that my order had actually arrived. Oh, good, no need for that tracking number they were unable to provide me. Only, when I opened it up, the wig was drastically different from the one I had ordered. I mentioned the product was meant for a costume party, and the website clearly advertises an Andy Warhol wig; white, messy, and clearly a man??s cut. The picture made it look suitable, though it didn??t need to be anything spectacular. What I received was more like a Katy Perry go-go wig, the only resemblance was that it was white-ish. It was CLEARLY a girly cut. I wish I could post the comparison pictures, which I eventually sent to International Wig, for this review. I decided to write ??customer service?? back and express my dissatisfaction with both their service and their product. Progressively immature and rude correspondence on the part of the company followed (notice at this point they stop signing their emails):

On Tue, Aug 24, 2010 at 7:53 AM, <L> wrote:


Never mind, I received my order yesterday afternoon. I have to say that I am disappointed that you were unable to provide me with my tracking number, I think your customers deserve to be able do something as simple as tracking their orders. I didn't get any emails from, so if you weren't recommending me to visit their site for tracking help, I'm not sure why you brought it up in the first place. I would watch the tone of your customer correspondence, because I feel that I made a simple and candid request for information, and you immediately treated me like I was complaining. The correct response to a customer complaint, by the way, is not to be rude- which you were.

I am attaching a pdf view of my account information with International Wig, exactly as it appears when I log into your site. As you can see, it does not clearly state that my package was shipped on 8/20 anywhere. If this information is, indeed, listed somewhere, I looked for it and could not find it. If it's your goal to make shipping information clear to your customers, maybe information like the ship date should be provided on the customer invoice. Additionally, this is beside the point because there is no use in knowing when the order shipped if it cannot be tracked afterward.

Although I understand you may think it's clear, given the amount of space your site dedicates to describing it, your site also does not make absolutely clear that standard shipping is on a three-week time frame (which is ridiculous in itself- I understand that actual hairpieces and custom-made wigs may take longer to obtain and ship, but 3 weeks for a fake costume wig?). Your shipping section is very drawn out, and to be honest, your vague explanation of shipping policy makes it seem as if you're trying to screw your customer into upgrading to more expensive shipping. I recommend simplifying this section of your site and clarifying your processing time for future customers. I would have been extremely unhappy had my order arrived outside of the 14 business day period. On this note, it's fortunate that I only wanted the wig for a silly costume party. It looks absolutely nothing like the photo of the model I ordered. I would be happy to provide you with a comparison photo,

but I have the feeling you don't really care; you already have my money. Overall, I'm dissatisfied with both your product and service.


On Tue, Aug 24, 2010 at 10:59 PM, <[email protected]> wrote:

i log into your account

i click order history

i clearly see when shipped

i look at the shipping link


whether you think a wig should not take so long is hardly the issue. the issue is you need to read- as you signed you did- the info BEFORE you checkout

we did NOTHING short of process order in the EXACT manner in which you asked.

its obvious you are a person who cant be pleased.

thats not our issue, sorry

do have a great day

On Tue, Aug 24, 2010 at 4:43 PM, <L> wrote:

I know it's difficult to accept criticism, I was just suggesting some tips so you don't have such issues with future customers- of which I will not be one. I wasn't displeased with the shipping, I'm displeased with your shitty communication and that fact that the product differs vastly from what I ordered. Here's the comparison shot for your consideration, by the way. Clearly, not the same as advertized.


On Tue, Aug 24, 2010 at 7:50 PM, <[email protected]> wrote:

the only shitty thing here is you, miss


have a great day!

This is last direct correspondence with International Wig. I??m sure I could keep it going, but what a waste of energy. The email in which she describes logining in, clicking "order history," etc. was no help at all; the links did not exist, at least not as she described them. They should be able to navigate their own website, but obviously are incompetant. If the shipping date is, indeed, listed in my account info on International Wig's site, I have not been able to find it (and I've LOOKED, believe me). Sure, I used ??shitty?? first. However, I??m confident that it??s clear that this company treated me poorly first for no reason, was utterly unhelpful even when it came to answering the simplest of questions, and repeatedly insulted me. I legitimately complained about their poor service AND product, and they called me impossible to please and shitty? How does that work? How about ??I??m sorry, can we offer you a similar product or a refund??? Why are these people exempt from the most basic rules of customer service? And why are they so pressed on READING through ALL the shipping information? Crooks. I??ll do all I can to make sure International Wig looses business.

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27bcedc3, 2011-01-18, 03:21PM CST

OMG this happenened to me too! I asked only where my stuff was. The lady was so rude after I suggested a nicer tone as well to her e-mail. She insulted me, my business and also said I needed medication. I tried to get in touch with a manager and they sent no response. also they said I denied my package which I did not. I will never order from them ever agian. I wish I could have had this experiance in person. I most honestly probably would have smacked her!

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