Carrier Corporation - Failure to Honor Rebate

Posted on Tuesday, August 24th, 2010 at 8:50am CDT by 736e7ff0

Product: Home central air conditioning equipment

Company: Carrier Corporation

Location: Carrier World Headquarters One Carrier Place Farmington, CT 06034-4015
Farmington, CT, 06034-4015, US

Category: Other

My 92 year old mother had a Carrier central cooling system installed. Carrier promised a $300.00 rebate. She was capable of running her own affairs at the time. My complaint is that the form to claim the rebate was so constructed as to increase the failure rate of claimants. Even though they redeclared the same rebate each month, you only had to the end of the month of installation to claim yours. Even worse, the front page of the rebate had a variety of information in large, easy to read print as the deadline, a website, etc. What it DID NOT have was the phone number that was required if you did not have a computer. THAT was on the back page, 7 paragraphs down, and in tiny (maybe 2 point type). Further, it was gray, not black and white. It was hard to find and see, and in effect hidden, especially if you are 92 years old. My Mom passed in November of 2009. At some point I became aware she never received the $300.00 rebate. I talked to and wrote Carrier's "customer service" they were not interested. I complained to the BBB, Carrier's position was unchanged. I wrote to the President of Carrier, whose office sent it back to customer service and they repeat the statement that, "their position is unchanged"


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