Posted on Monday, August 23rd, 2010 at 4:57pm CDT by 1e48cd17

Product: Small Engine Repair / Sales

Company: J and M Mower

Location: 137 Newell Ave.
Pawtucket, RI, 02860, US

URL: http://jmmower.com/

Category: Other

I dropped off my trimmer for repair on July 26th for a carburetor repair. It was a new trimmer with a 5 year warranty from echo. When I drop it off the owner questions me, saying I use it for commercial use and I messed around with the entire machine, but nevertheless he agrees to take it in for repair. He told me it would be 2-5 days for a complete repair.

I wait one full week before I call to check on the status to see how things are coming along. The kid who answers the phone says the part has been ordered and they are awaiting delivery from FedEx. I think nothing of it, and hang up. I call 1 week after that and I get the same exact story. The third week I call and I get the same story, but this time I question the kid and he says that there is defiantly a problem with echo and that's why they haven't fixed it. He sounded very guilty, as if he was lying, so I decide to call echo's main phone number. One of the representatives reassured me that the carburetor that I needed was defiantly not on back order, and should arrive to the dealer in 3 days, not 3 weeks. I then decide to take a trip to the dealer and speak to the person in charge(the same person who I had talked to earlier that day saying the part is on back order). I tell him the situation and how I know that he is lying to me, and he finally tells me the truth. He said that I had messed around with the entire unit and this wouldn't be covered under warranty. He had no answer to why they had been trying to scam me. I then leave there place an call echo once again directly. I open a case and the next day I talk to the regional manager of echo. I tell him the situation and he assures me that there will be no charge, and he was unsure why this dealer had lied to me and never ordered the part. I go on August 23rd to pick up the machine and the owner tells me that I have a balance of 1/2 hr labor that I have to pay. Once again I talk to echo and then echo calls the dealer and 5 minutes latter everything was resolved. If it wasn't for echo I never would have gotten my machine back. NEVER GO THEIR FOR SERVICE.

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JP K., 2014-04-10, 03:46PM CDT

My advice: stay away from this fraudulent business. J&M took my $2,700 mower and a check for $3,000 and never delivered what they promised after a year of frustrating phone calls. They still have my mower and check over 1 year later. I have recently engaged Rhode Island's Attorney General, the Better Business Beureau, and the Provide Police Department to begin charges of grand theft.

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