American Home Shield - Failure to fulfill contract

Posted on Monday, August 23rd, 2010 at 4:34pm CDT by 1c3a63a1

Product: Home owner's warranty

Company: American Home Shield

Location: 1524 hwy 30 e
Carroll, Ia, 51401, US

Category: Other

We had an In-sink-erator garbage disposal that went bad. We called AHS who sent out a technician who confirmed it was bad and needed replacing. He offered to replace it with a Whirl-away. We declined, saying we wanted the In-sink-erator. Said he couldn't do it thru AHS but could on the side and we could get in lieu cash from AHS. AHS has declined to pay us for the new disposer as the tech was not a licensed plumber(even tho he was good enough to install the Whirlaway). We sent a copy of his handwritten invoice as well as both sides of our cancelled check and have heard nothing. We are filing a claim in our local small claims court.

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3facdaf6, 2011-09-30, 10:08PM CDT

How did the small claims court work out for you we have a similar complaint against Ameriance home shield and will contacting an attourney next week for failure to fullfill contract. They sent a swimming pool contractor to our house who after our check cleared told them that the pump has unusual wear from the pool running dry. The pool never ran dry and I have three witnesses, a water bill and and excellent pool maintenace regime to prove my case. Not only that I read on the internet that the acutal problem is a very common problem with pool pumps.

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