Collin College - Counseling malpractice, discrimination, and indoctrination

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Product: Amy Lenhart MA, LPC, NCC

Company: Collin College

Location: Plano, Tx, US

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I am exercising my first amendment rights in this complaint against Amy Lenhart MA, LPC, NCC.

The intent of this complaint is to educate and help the public. My goal is to improve the lives of minorities and those who have suffered oppression at the hands of institutional oppression. A bibliography is posted at the end. I encourage everyone to read those books. And to take notes.

Minorities who believe they have been treated with hostility because of their protected class status within the Texas education system may report the discriminating employee or employees to U.S. Department of Education office for civil rights Tel.: (214) 661-9600. Disability, national origin, race, color, sex, and age are all in the protected class.

I believe I was a victim of counseling malpractice, discrimination, institutional-racism, hate, misandry (i.e., male hatred), abuse of power, and oppression by Amy Lenhart. I also believe the public has a right to know about this. Everybody needs to realize that white supremacy and white privilege are still oppressive forces in our society. And they do their damage in very covert and insidious ways, e.g., color-blind racism, group-think, withholding information, misinformation, disinformation, indoctrination, provocation, doublespeak, mixed messages, bias, red-tape, code of silence, gaslighting, mobbing, gang-stalking, etc.

Several years ago I attended counseling sessions with Amy Lenhart to help me with the anxiety and depression of being a very liberal minority in a very conservative region. At the time I had experienced intermittent attacks of institutional discrimination based on my national origin and color of skin. I had previously been mobbed out of a job by extremely narcissistic people who caused psychological injury. I had suffered attacks from a few snide college instructors who treated me in a different, unfair, and hostile manner. I also found myself being shunned by various groups of people. However, during my experiences Amy Lenhart had a flippant, hostile, incredulous, contemptuous, biased, and rude attitude about all of my concerns. I found that to be damaging and very hurtful.

When I attended counseling with Amy Lenhart she had absolutely no compassion or sympathy for what I went through. She had an incredibly callous, insensitive, and hateful demeanor. She often stated flippant, and sarcastic comments instead of using psychological methods to help me with the pain of verbal abuse and oppression e.g., "Sticks and stones will break my bones. But words will never hurt me." I later put that to the test to see how she would handle the pain of being degraded by words. And she often had a rude and contemptuous sneer on her face when I talked about my feelings and experiences concerning discrimination. She continuously changed the subject and refused to address my serious concerns of discrimination and oppression. She continuously used doublespeak and obfuscation to confuse and frustrate me. She used a code of silence and the silent treatment. She continuously indoctrinated me to believe that institutional oppression and social stratification was normal. She attempted to get me to internalize shame and blame that was caused within my environment not from within me. She showed absolutely no concern for me and exacerbated my anger and depression with her lack of counseling skills and her lack of concern. She did not use a psychological theory or various psychological skills or activities to help me. Nor did she use active listening or open-ended communication to determine if her work was competent and helpful to me. That is why I believe I was a victim of malpractice. She also violated privacy and confidentiality by refusing to hold sessions in one assigned office. She was often forgetting to book an office. At those times I had to wait in a crowd of students and instructors with Amy Lenhart which was a violation of privacy. When I tried to discuss my concerns with her she snarled out "You don't have to keep coming back here." or she used doublespeak to confuse and irritate me. At times she seemed so spaced-out and distracted that I thought she was intoxicated. Her flippant response to that concern was, "Counselors have issues to." said in a snide and condescending manner. Getting Amy Lenhart to sympathize and empathize with me was like pulling teeth. It was extremely aggravating and depressing. I often wondered if she had autism or some severe personality flaw. Throughout my entire life I have been treated with contempt. Very few people have seen the good that I have to offer. When I reached out for help from Amy Lenhart I was again treated with contempt and hate. I was not encouraged nor was she sincere in her so-called work efforts.

So in response I did get angry with her and I voiced uncensored insults about her incompetence, hatred, and spaced-out demeanor to her supervisors. However, Amy Lenhart was not punished or fired. She kept her job even though she had committed two semesters of malpractice and discrimination. I was the one who was severely punished and oppressed in many ways and I have to live with the pain and suffering of this nightmarish and hellish experience on a daily basis. Amy Lenhart has not apologized to me or made anything up to me. I lost a lot of money because of her. It cost a lot of money to get out of trouble. And she is the one who started it with her two-faced, hateful, controlling, and myopic methods. I am the one who deserved the apology not her. I am the one who was deeply injured and deeply aggrieved. Unfortunately, she continues to practice and has not been upheld to ethical standards. Although her and her supervisors express endless amounts of positive sounding lip-service they don't really mean what they say i.e., doublespeak. She once told me "Everything is just an illusion. It's not what it seems on the surface." From my experience and from what I have seen what few standards there are, are duplicitous and with intent to cause harm and oppression in a very covert and systematic manner.

I believe social stratification based on race, skin color, gender, sexual preference, and wealth are problems in the fascist society that she seeks to protect and propagate. Group-think, collectivism, cultural hegemony, male hatred, prejudice against males, and color-blind racism are other severe problems that have caused destruction and it has caused me severe injury. I've also noticed how fascist feminism causes severe problems in our society. Too many people are willing to look the other way or become defensive when a female turns out to be a spiteful and narcissistic bully. Amy Lenhart will never understand the communist type society that we live in. She defends it and feeds into it. I can directly apply her obfuscated platitudes to her style of professionalism "It's just an illusion."

I have continued on with my formal education despite the continuous oppression and hate that I faced at all but one of my universities. I also have a master's degree and I have started a campaign against bigotry. I encourage all minorities who have faced institutional oppression to read and to speak out. I have provided citations and a bibliography. I hope minorities and victims of hate rise above this and speak out against corruption, incompetence, and ethnocentrism that causes oppression and harm.

"Our public language has become a language of deception that masquerades as openness, a language that, like an actor, plays a role to achieve an effect on an audience, and once that effect has been achieved, leaves the stage, removes its costume and makeup, and then goes on with its real business. Doublespeak continues to dominate what passes for public discourse in this nation. Indeed, doublespeak has not simply increased in quantity, it has increased in quality. Doublespeak now goes far beyond simple phrases. Doublespeak has become increasingly complex, subtle, and difficult to penetrate. Doublespeak in public discourse does not help use develop, preserve, and advance our culture, our society, our nation. Doublespeak breeds cynicism, distrust, and, ultimately, hostility, the very qualities that undermine and destroy democracy." (William Lutz 1996, x, 3, 25)

"Doublespeak is language that pretends to communicate but really doesn't. It is language that makes the bad seem good, the negative appear positive, the unpleasant appear attractive or at least tolerable. Doublespeak is language that avoids or shifts responsibility, language that is at variance with its real or purported meaning. It is language that conceals or prevents thought; rather than extending thought, doublespeak limits it." (William Lutz 1989, 1)

"Indeed, most doublespeak is the product of clear thinking and is carefully designed and constructed to appear to communicate when in fact it doesn't. It is language designed not to lead but mislead. It is language designed to distort reality and corrupt thought. In the world created by doublespeak, if it's not a tax increase, but rather "revenue enhancement" or "tax base broadening," how can you complain about higher taxes? Doublespeak has become so common in everyday living that many people fail to notice it. Even worse, when they do notice doublespeak being used on them, they don't react, they don't protest. Doublespeak is insidious because it can infect and eventually destroy the function of language, which is communication between people and social groups. At its worst, doublespeak, like newspeak, is language designed to limit, if not eliminate, thought. (William Lutz 1989, 9, 18-20)

Mobbing behaviors can include "No help, promises are made and not kept, no eye contact is made with you, contact is minimized or avoided with you, you are ignored, gestures that signal humiliation, talking behind your back, communication via email that should be discussed face-to-face, having your work checked by someone unqualified to do so, policies changed or not followed, mixed messages, you are made to look inconsistent, you are set up, those supportive of you are discredited, an environment of paranoia is created, giving you tasks that you have not been adequately prepared to assume, and attacks on your private life"(Davenport, Schwartz, and Elliott, 1999, 46-47).

"The color-blind racial stratification system will be more effective in maintaining white supremacy. Whites will still be at the top of the social structure but will face fewer race based challenges. And, to avoid confusion about my claim regarding "honorary whites," let me clarify that I believe their standing and status will be ultimately dependent upon whites wishes and practices. Honorary white means that they will remain secondary, will still face discrimination, and will not receive equal treatment in society. The United States will become a society with more rather than less racial inequality but with a reduced forum for racial contestation. The apparent blessing of "not seeing race" will become a curse for those struggling for racial justice in years to come. We may become "All Americans," as commercials in recent times suggest, but paraphrasing George Orwell, "some will be more American than others." I will tackle the meaning of the election of President Obama. Although many commentators and analysts believe his election signifies the end of racism or a monumental change in our long racial history, I will argue that it is in line with color-blind racism." (Eduardo Bonilla-Silva 2010, 197-198)

"Positive psychology is to the corporate state what eugenics was to the Nazis. Positive psychology at least, as applied so broadly and unquestionably to corporate relations is a quack science. It throws a smokescreen over corporate domination, abuse, and greed. Those who fail to exhibit positive attitudes, no matter the external reality, are in some ways ill. Positive psychology is about banishing criticism and molding a group into a weak and malleable unit that will take orders. Personal values, those nurtured by independent conscience, are gently condemned as antagonistic to harmony and happiness. Those who refuse under group pressure to become harmonious are deemed a drag on the corporate body and, if they cannot be reformed, expunged. This flight into self-delusion is no more helpful in solving real problems than alchemy. But it is very effective in keeping people from questioning the structures around them that are responsible for their misery. Positive psychology gives an academic patina to fantasy." (Chris Hedges 2009, 117, 119-120, 129)

"Psychotherapy cults tend to arise when legitimate individual or group psychotherapy becomes corrupted. Two colleagues and I studied twenty two psychotherapy cults. The leaders of these groups ranged from college faculty members to a paroled felon. These professionals misused therapeutic techniques and manipulated the professional relationship to their own advantage. Fifteen of the groups were led by trained professionals (psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers.)" (Margaret Thaler Singer 1995, 172-173)

"The first thing a white person must do in order to effectively fight racism is to learn to listen, and more than that, to believe what people of color say about their lives. This may seem obvious, even trite, but I assure you it is more important than it may appear. One of the biggest problems with white America is its collective unwillingness to believe that racism is still a real problem for nonwhite peoples, despite their repeated protestations that it is. Survey after survey for decades has demonstrated the same pattern: whites saying that racial discrimination is pretty much a thing of the past, and people of color saying that it continues regularly and that they have personally experienced it, often several times a month. That whites refuse to believe what people of color say about racism in their own lives and have refused to believe it in every generation, by the way is itself a form of racism: it amounts to saying, "I know your reality better than you know your reality." In other words, you are not, as a person of color, smart enough, or rational enough, or objective enough to intuit your own experiences, so let me tell you what your life is like, rather than having you trust your own lying eyes." (Tim Wise 2007, 67)


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