toyota bay ridge - scam on car lease

Posted on Monday, August 2nd, 2010 at 8:58pm CDT by 0346982b

Company: toyota bay ridge

Location: 6401 Sixth Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11220
Brooklyn, NY, 11220, US

Category: Other

We leased a NEW car from Toyota Bay Ridge. Right after we got the car we realized that this one was used as demonstration: customers were allowed to try it before buying. The car had a big scratch on front bumper and around 200 miles on odo. There were newspapers and not related to the car items in. We came to resolve this situation and talk to the manager.

I do not shake hands because of different reasons. After I didn't shake hand to the manager, he got upset and even increased his voice telling that he doesn't have time for us.

We wanted a new car instead of "demonstration" one or, if it's not possible, get satisfactory reimbursement: increased mileage or similar things as well as normal conversation. We got nothing of these and we have a very bad feeling after visiting this branch and talking to the manager.


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