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Posted on Monday, August 2nd, 2010 at 10:38am CDT by 02ace080

Product: Kindle Model #Doo701


Location: Seattle, Wa, 98104, US


Category: Other

I would like to say this: My Kindle is less than one month old (shipped 7/7/2010), and you have come out with a brand new and improved Kindle. Same price, better Kindle.

I am a 76 (on 8/6) year old retiree whose retirement account has been victimized by the banking industry. Now, I have the immense displeasure of having the owner of Amazon victimize me also. It took 2 gift cards and my savings to finally buy the Kindle, and what do I get? An old, out of date, no doubt discontinued version of the Kindle.

Words can not express my anger and disgust with you and your organization.

Would it have hurt your bottom line to advise me that if I waited a couple of weeks, I could get the new and improved Kindle? I doubt it. I am so fed up, that I am considering canceling my account with Amazon and never using this again. This is unconscionable. It almost borders on a scam.

So my feedback is this. Shame on you and whoever else is in charge there.


967d5fca, 2010-08-02, 11:15AM CDT

Every electronics company releases new devices periodically. Sony, Apple, Dell, etc. If Amazon stopped sales for a month then there would still be some customer, 30 days before, who just missed the deadline. This is unfortunately the case for technology purchases where the pace of innovation is so high. Macbooks, iPhones, Android phones, all of these are similar. As a consumer, it is disheartening but unavoidable I think. Amazon does have a 30 day return policy, which it seems you are still within?

02ace080, 2010-08-02, 01:56PM CDT

In all fairness to Amazon, they sent an email very quickly advising me to return for a full refund. That way, I will be able to order the newer version. This was very lucky for me, because my orginal order is within days of the 30 day return policy. So, once again, I am lucky that I am able to at least do something about this.

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