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Posted on Thursday, August 19th, 2010 at 2:19pm CDT by 5ca3002b

Product: thermagasket head &block sealant

Company: rx auto llc

Location: po box 192 forestville,ca 95436
95436, US

URL: http://www.rxauto.com/

Category: Other

product does not work. tried it on 1997 bmw 328i. spoke to company tech rep. said to try it again. paid 21$ more for retry. caused catalytic converter to plug. cost 800.00$ to fix.leak still not fixed. junked car. asked for refund of the 125.00$ .co refused saying that i tried twice and no refund due.[fine print in their directions]

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8ddcffbe, 2011-01-21, 07:35PM CST

Plugged catylytic converters are common in vehicles that are driven long periods of time with coolant getting into the exhaust. The relatively cool coolant in relation to high temperatures in the converter causes the media to melt and plug the Cat.( Newer cars are not as prone to this problem ) Thermagasket does not plug Catylytic Converters. As far as fine print on a refund this is totally false, When the first treatment did not work the customer was given an option to receive a refund or a retreat in Lieu of a refund. Customer opted to get another treatment and signed a form acknowledging the terms of the retreat.We keep these signed documents on file and if the person who made this complaint posted a name we would be happy to supply the form they signed.

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