Budget Rent A Car - Over Charge for Gas on Car Rental

Posted on Thursday, August 19th, 2010 at 12:00pm CDT by f79306f7

Product: Car Rental

Company: Budget Rent A Car

Orlando, Fl, 32827, US


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June 06, 2010, I returned a car to Budgets garage at Orlando airport full of gas. The check-in person checked the car inside (to see that the tank was full) and outside (to see that there was no damage to the car). She gave me my bill for $313.89. Subsequently, June 07, my credit card was charged additionally $106.82 for gas.

If the customer is present and the car is checked, how can Budget subsequently charge the customer for gas when the tank registered full in his presence? I have been renting cars from Budget and Avis for the last 16 years, in some years, I have rented a car every week. I have Avis Preferred Wizard number X3P53F and Budget Fast break number LF930M. I have always returned their car with the gas at the full level. I did not have problems before and so budget was my car rental company of choice. But Budget has billed me incorrectly $106.82 and has refused to give me my full refund.

Below I will document the difficulty I am having with Budget.

June 14, 2010

I complained to budget about the additional charge and was told that if I had the receipt and provided it by fax, my account would be credited for the $106.82. I could not locate the bill and so the staff member said Budget would give me a credit of $53.41 (1/2 of $106.82) pending their receipt from me of the bill.

June 19, 2010

I provided Budgets representative, Ivis by fax (fax number 407 825 1749), as requested, with a copy of the gas bill which indicated that I had bought gas on June 5, at 17:59 before returning the car at 6:00 AM on June 06. I was told that I would receive the remaining credit within 7 days.

July 6, 2010

I spoke with Budgets representative, Carlos, at 407- 825- 1742. He assured me that the credit had been approved and sent to head office. I checked subsequently but credit did not show up on my credit card statement.

August 2, 2010

I spoke with Budgets representative, Rod (Carlos manager) at 407- 825-1742. He confirmed that the credit had been approved. He told me that he would check with head office and get back to me by phone or email the next day. I provided him with my phone number and my email address. I have not heard from Rod yet.

Aug 06, 2010

Spoke with Budgets Representative, Laura @ 800-214-6094. She told me that I should have sent the bill to Customer Service. I provided bill by fax to 918-627-2508; referenced case #3199286.

Aug 19, 2010

I spoke with Budgets representative Kenneth. He told me that the credit allowed on June 14 was all I was going to get because the gas was purchased on June 5 and the car was returned on June 6. I pointed out to him that the car had to be returned at 6 am on June 6, therefore I purchased gas at 17:59 the night before, since the distance away from the airport was short. The tank was checked full by the return clerk.


Budgets customer service leaves a lot to be desired. Everyone needs to be on the lookout for undue charges from Budget. I will not rent from Budget again and I will dissuade anyone I know to do likewise.

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f79306f7, 2010-08-26, 11:03AM CDT

Because of my persistence that I was overcharged and proved it, budget refunded me my money. I still lost $1.85 in foreign exchange. Budget's overcharge in US dollars was $106.82 ($116.20 Canadian dollars). The refunds translated to $114.35 Canadian dollars. For me, this case is now closed but I will never forget the poor customer service and the fact that Budget (and other car companies) can charge your credit card after you have returned the car, it having been inspected in your presence as having a full tank of gas and the car in good condition.

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