Sullivan Mayflower Moving - Don't Use Sullivan Mayflower to move

Posted on Wednesday, August 18th, 2010 at 11:49am CDT by 89cbfcaa

Product: Sullivan Mayflower Moving

Company: Sullivan Mayflower Moving

Location: 1439 S 40 Ave Suite 200 A
Phoenix, AZ, 85009, US

Category: Other

I contracted with Sullivan Mayflower to move the contents of my home cross country to separate locations in VA & NJ. My contract said that 1 truck would be delivering my contents to 2 separate locals. The weight of my delivery was in excess of 3500LBs. My guaranteed pick up date was Aug4 and my guaranteed delivery dates were between Aug10-16. The acct coordinator for my move was Ciara Raber and unknownst to me she separated my load into 2 different trucks. I did not learn that my load was being separated until I spoke to the packers on Aug4.The portion of the load that was delivered to VA arrived on Aug14 and the driver told me that the load set for NJ would be delivered on Aug16, the last day of the guaranteed delivery. I drove to NJ on Aug16 to accept the rest of my delivery and after waiting around all morning contacted Ciara and she advised me that my delivery wouldn't be there as they had guaranteed. Customer service advised me that my delivery would not arrive until Aug 21.

I contacted MF to seek restitution and all they did was make excuses on why I could not collect on the penalty for them failing to deliver my property. I was told that my delivery to NJ didn't qualify because it was under the 3500 LB min. I told them that the total weight of my delivery was well over 3500 LBS and that they split my load without notifying me, making the delivery to NJ to be under 3500 LBS. They also told me that since they couldn't put all of my load on one truck that they considered this to be an overflow issue and that there wasn't a guaranteed delivery on overflow. I informed them that my entire load would have easily fit on one truck but for some reason that was never explained to me why they decided to split my load. As I told MF, if they had told me that they couldn't guarantee my delivery, and would not honor the contract when they failed to deliver on time, I would have chosen a different company. I am asking MF to credit me for the days late at their agreed upon rate of $125 per day.

The disappointing thing is that Sullivan Mayflower will not honor the contract that I signed and is not doing business in good faith.


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