La Rosa del Monte - Deliberately bad customer service

Posted on Tuesday, August 17th, 2010 at 10:55am CDT by 5a5cc070

Product: International removal

Company: La Rosa del Monte

Location: 1133-35 Tiffany Street
Bronx, NY, 10459, US


Category: Other

I chose La Rosa del Monte based on their competitive price and respectable service partners. However, it turned out that their seemingly competitive price was just a way to get customers hooked - their real business model seems to be in tricking customers with inaccurate payment information and then charging extra for the delayed payment.

Furthermore, their customer service representatives are not capable of listening. Trying to explain to them the situation I got really frustrated with their representative who never let me finish a sentence - but instead kept interrupting and talking simultaneously on top. Considering that US is a country where customer service is key to success for any company the complete lack of it is not only annoying for their customers - but also a recipe of disaster for their business in the long term.

Another thing that I am worried about is the status of my furniture when they eventually arrive. The packing crew worked fast, but also packed some items carelessly. When my container finally arrives (let's hope that it does) I will post further information and pictures.

Meanwhile, I advice anyone not to use La Rosa del Monte, as their price will for sure not be what they quote. They will find a reason to increase it - and threaten you, the consumer until you pay the difference. And as per customer service, there is none - which of course means that you the consumer will loose.

Beware of La Rosa del Monte.

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c7020789, 2010-10-01, 02:47PM CDT

we've been waiting for our stuff to get here to Texas for over two months, during those 2 months, 1 was spent getting the run around over when the truck will leave florida and what day to arrive.Today they finally got here but now they want to charge us extra for going up a few stairs when before we left our previous home we sorted this out and they said it was fine. Hopefully you don't go what we went through, just prepare for the worst.

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