Universal Roofing - Orlando

Posted on Monday, August 16th, 2010 at 7:38am CDT by 94ed9cb7

Company: Universal Roofing - Orlando

Location: 5655 Carder Road
Orlando, Fl, 32810, US

Category: Other

In my opinion, this company is big on lip service and way short on follow through. I would leave messages that would go unanswered. When I did get a return call they would assure me that I'd receive their report and estimate the next day. I first contacted them in June, they did come and look at my roof, and gave me a song and dance about why they felt the insurance company should cover the replacement cost, but I NEVER did receive a written report or estimate and decided that if it was this difficult just to get a number out of them, I didn't DARE let them on my roof because the re-roof work would probably become a nightmare experience.


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